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1.hundreds of keep records of look for be on time be filled with point to think of look up make an effort

6.contrary to have...effect on



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    1.hundreds of 數百

    The hundreds of Thai people have suffered as floods threaten.

    . 數已百計泰國人遭受洪水威脅. keep records of 保持記錄

    The floods will be broken to keep records of the history

    . In their country.

    . 洪水將被打破保有自己國家的歷史記錄。 look for 尋找

    . There were lots residents missing here in its country

    . that have looked for a long time

    該國許多居民失踪已多時尋找中 be on time 要按時

    Making an escape from such a country must have to be on time

    須要及時逃離這樣一個國家. be filled with 充滿

    There were able enough to be filled dangerous

    足過充滿危險. point to 指出

    It’s said that the worldwide people will be pointed to

    . the natural disaster indeed.

    據說,全世界的人會指出是確實自然災害。 think of 想

    The government thinks of any measures to sort its problem out 政府認為,有解決問題的任何措施 look up 查找

    The persons in Thai would look up any countries to help

    . about the floods through to the river


    。關於洪水疏 去通過河流。 make an effort 努力的 做

    The goverment is now making an effort to ask

    foreign countries giving assistance

    政府現正努力要求外國給予援助.轉移... ...... .........。

    They decided to transfer the bad floods from the City to

    . the see as soon as possible.


    6.contrary to相反

    Do you consider this country is dry but is contrary to be wet

    你認為這個國家是乾燥的,但相反是濕的. have...effect on有... ...影響

    There are a great of inhabitants to have the floods an effect on their life.


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    1. Hundreds of people lost their jobs last week.

    2. The best way to find out whether you have improved is to keep records of your results and compare them.

    3. I'm here to look for my boy.

    4. Make sure to be on time for your exam tomorrow.

    5. These bottles are to be filed with water.

    1. Use hyperlinks in the survey to point to linked information.

    2. You need to think of something else.

    3. I need to look up his number.

    "look up"可有多種解釋,不清楚你是要哪種,在這句中的意思為"search for",但"look up"還可以有其他意思如"looking up = improve", "look sb up = visit sb", "look up to = admire"

    4. You need to make an effort on this.

    5. You need to transfer you attention from your comic book to the blackboard.

    6. The result is contrary to our expectation.

    7. iPads begin to have an effect on the way of learning.


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