I am selling my Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

I have my favorite cards from back in the day and I want to sell them because they literally were just sitting in a bow in my room. I would like to know an estimate for the cards that were in a seperate box, which I would assume were better than the others...

Exodia The Forbidden One: Foil: MCI

Left Arm+Right Arm+Left Leg+Right Leg of The Forbidden One: All DBI

3xDark Magicians: Foil: All SYE

3xDark Magicians: Foil: All SDY

Dark Magician Girl: Foil: CT2

The Winged Dragon of RA: Foild: GBI

Slifer The Sky Dragon: Foil: YMA

Obelisk The Tormentor: Foil: GBI (I think it's fake though)

Dark Paladin:Foil:DMG

Buster Blader: Foil: BPT

Buster Blader: Foil: DLT

Black Luster Soldier: Foil: SYE

Sphinx Teleia: Foil: EP1

Andro Sphinx: Foil: EP1

Theinen The Great Sphinx EP1

Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV6: Foil: SOD

Perfect Machine King: Foil: RDS

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon: Foil: SD1

INfinite Cards: LON

Card Destruction: Foil: SDY

Polymerization: SDJ

Swords of Revealing Light: Foil: LOB

Black Luster Ritual: Foil: SYE

Card of Safe Return: DB1

Reload: SD1

Ectoplasmer: SOD

Fusion Weapon: SOD

Fusion Recovery: CRV

Metal Silver Armor: MFC

Scapegoat: Foil: SDJ

Black Pendant: MRL

Axe of Despair: Foil: MRL

Fissure: SDJ

Reversal Quiz: PGD

Swords of Revealing Light: SD1

Mystical Space Typhoon: SD1

Pot of Greed: SYE

Change of Heart: Foil: MRD

Sage's Stone: Foil: ROD

Monster Reborn: SDY

Enervation Mist: SOD

Miracle Restoring: MFC

Energy Drain: IOC

Graverobber: Foil: PSV

Skull Dice: Foil: EDS

Magic Cylinder: Foil: IOC

Cemetery Bomb: SOD

Trap Hole: SYE

Shadow Spell: Foil: SKE

Blasting The Ruins:IOC

Rising Energy: CRV

So yeah, an estimate would be nice so that I could either go to ebay and set an asking price or I could go to a local card store and do the same there. Any help is appreciated ^_^


And also, these cards havent seen any play, they were taken out of their original casing and then put into this deck box until about now. They weren't used to play real games, I only played actually when you didn't need to sacrifice card to play others, and I refused to when that change happened. So all of the cards are in near perfect if not perfect condition.

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    9 years ago
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    They're not as much as they used to be but there are people who are abide collecters if you find the right person you could be looking upwards of 120$can and downwards of 200$can for most of your cards. your exodia might fetch a higher price now adays i have no clue though i sold something like 200 rare cards like 4 years back ended up making something like 875$can off them.

    oh almost forgot for them to be worth anything they'll need to be in perfect condition and probably in a card protecter. =[) Hope i helped =[)

  • 9 years ago

    I'd say at least 50-100 dollars max. Your cards are amazing I won't lie, but some of them are banned from the game and most of them aren't used in the current game anymore. But for a collector, this is a dream in heaven. But yeah 50-100.

    Hope I helped.

  • 9 years ago

    you've got some nice rare cards... and rare cards meaning thats a good thing cuz u get more money that way. i really want ur polymerazation but anyway 58 cards... and some rares.. id say about $200? srry not $20 $200.... typo :/

  • 4 years ago

    Sell them affordable and if men and women purchase them upward push the prise and maintain emerging until no person buys them. The pass down in rate. Keep doing this until you promote all of them. Rise slowly!!!!

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  • 9 years ago

    If you go onto trollandtoad.com you can find all the prices of cards that people will buy cards for, just type the card name into the search bar.

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