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How to lower high blood pressure ?

Almost everyday...... I was eating Chinese food with lots of soy sauce, fried French fries everyday Popeye's tackle box and 4 plus bags of chips daily, and Bacon and Biscuits... I'm 18 Male 5 Ft 9 In 250 Lbs and I Get 2-6 Hours of sleep but I can get more I Get chest pains by my heart but that could be heartburn at and my head hurts like a random headache at the top and my temple

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    Stay away from SALT or SODIUM and CAFFEINE. I'm sure you'll start to feel much better very quickly, plus you need to drink lots of water and probably shed a few pounds that would help also :) Good Luck.

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    please stop earing junk foods . drink lots of water avoid . salty food in your diet.bye

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