Why is allowing your teen to have cosmetic surgery, piercings, and tattoos, NOT called child endangerment?

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No, it was the jelly livered bunch of softies out there :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Because the worlds ways are not God's ways. Never were and never will be until the new earth is established. What God sees as harmful, the unbeliever (and the naive Christian) sees as OK. We of course do not condemn, and neither does God over the things you mention - but true wisdom is only obtained when we have God's insight on matters. Many Christians (I can put myself in this group sometimes) do not involve God in their decision making processes. What the worldly laws in this 'liberality to sin' society do is to call wrong what is right in God's sight, and to call right what is wrong in God's sight. In The Bible it refers to this opposition as 'the contradiction of sinners'.

    Worldly authorities do not in general support the right of a godly parent to discipline a child when it becomes absolutely necessary (I noticed your question; 'What do you think about spanking?' has been removed - if this was done by you, then that's OK, but if it was done because it offended the jelly livered bunch of softies out there, then that is a prime example of what I'm speaking about here). The authorities have long ago lost the plot; they wouldn't understand the morality in spanking if they tried; meanwhile they have caused the effect we have today in our neighbourhoods, our schools, our countries, and in our world - many do not even accept their enormous errors of judgement. There is light dimly shining upon their demented thought patterns though - in the U.K. now there are some changes being made, because at long last they are realising that there is a huge difference between punishment and abuse. Why do kids please themselves and go and get tattooed all over the place, go around looking like some uncivilised native with bones through their noses and join permanently the out of work by choice brigade (they know they are putting themselves in the 'unemployable' category)? The carnality of the worldly thought patterns cannot accept that they need a Savior - they enjoy sin too much. There is always hope because of the Grace of God - He is waiting, giving every opportunity, sending His ministers of The Gospel of Christ throughout the world. Many will not turn, and i am truly sorry for them.

    I wanted tattoos when I was a young man but my father made it abundantly clear to me that he would not approve. My father NEVER abused me but on one occasion he did give me a good spanking, and I NEEDED IT without going into the details. He did this because he loved me, and did until his death some 12 years ago.

  • I was pretty upset when my teen boy came home with a tattoo on his back and started stretching his ear lobes like a Ubangi. Then he got a lower lip piercing and a Labre or whatever it's called. Kept talking to him about getting hired. If it's between you and some clean cut kid with no freaky stuff going on - who do you think will get the job? At the time, it didn't matter to him because I was paying the bills. But once he got out there and had to make it on his own, the piercings came out and the lobes closed up. I do think kids should wait to get these things. 2 years makes a big difference in judgments.

  • 9 years ago

    I can live with piercing for ears and one or two SMALL tattoos, but surgery should only be considered in extreme cases of deformation or burning. In the end one is better off not getting a operation at all, the outcome of any operation is never 100% guaranteed to be a success. A lot of piercing or tattoos is not really cool or good looking at all, i have one tattoo and piercing in my ear for 2 studs, and it's enough for me.

  • 9 years ago

    Maybe FORCING a child would be -- absolutely. But if the choice is mutual, and generally safe and acceptable, there is no "endangerment" that I can see.

    I know parents love to think they have total control over a teen. Personally, I think that complete control was lost when the word "teen" was attached to their age. Like it or not -- they are people too, with their own minds, their own ideas, and should now be responsible for their own actions.

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  • 9 years ago

    Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6...this is Out of the Bible and their is a reason to teach your children Godly Principals when they are young. In this question, you see this is not the case for Godly principals and parents should fear for their child's Salvation, if there is any God left in your family at all out there...please think on these things..

    Source(s): KJV
  • 9 years ago

    Its not child endangerment. I have 3 children and am currently pregnant with twins and when my daughters turn 13 I will allow them to get their seconds on their ears or their cartilage pierced. They already have their ears pierced, they got them pierced when they were 6 months old. I will also allow them to get tattoos, if they have meaning to them. I as a mother have four tattoos..on my torso, ankle, back on the neck and on my foot. They are all very symbolic and it is not endangerment in any way. Please grow up and stop asking ridiculous questions. Not everybody is as conservative as you. Just worry about yourself and keep your nose out of other peoples business.

  • 9 years ago

    Cosmetic surgery is sometimes necessary

    I got a breast reduction at 15. Technically its a cosmetic surgery. No doctor wanted to preform it because I was pretty young for that type of thing. Eventually I got it done. I feel like 10 pounds feel off me, literally!

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  • 9 years ago

    Cosmetic surgery on anyone under 18 isn't aloud even with parental consent because the body isn't done growing and maturing. As for tattoos and piercings that's not child endangerment. However the parents should keep their children from doing something stupid, My mom says its my body I can do whatever I want to it as long as I pay for it myself and get it done it properly. so that's made me wait till now, I'm 18 and I'm glad my mom made me wait till I could get them done myself because its made me think about it.

  • 9 years ago

    that's like saying motocross is child endangerment. While I don't necessarily agree with allowing your child to have cosmetic surgery, piercing and tattoos because they aren't really capable to make such drastic decisions at a young age, its not child endangerment.

  • 9 years ago

    It is not. i do think that they should be atleast 17 before making a big decision like that because i was 15 and got tattoos now i wish that i would have got them somewhere else.. don't get me wrong i love my tats they represent something for me but i wish that i would have waited and got them somewhere else. It's not child endangerment thoguh... all those people are licensed.

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