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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 9 years ago

How to get started with a career in cyber security?

I am currently in the IT field as a technician fixing computers. I want to pursue a career in cyber security, considered going in to the air force to achieve this, but want to know all of my options. I have found a few degrees in security, but it seems like the majority of people have found their jobs based solely on experience. If this is the case, where should I learn? I know there's a lot of false information on the internet, so I could find books on this topic, but technology advances so quickly I don't want to be outdated. Thanks!


Are you currently enlisted? If so, did you get the job you wanted or is it out of the ordinary to get a Computer related job? I'm sure my ASVAB score will be fairly high, so that should increase my chances. Did you go full air force or reserves? That decision is tough for me because I'm engaged and have a full time job now, full air force is like choosing a completely different life. Thanks for your answer!

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    9 years ago
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    The absolute best way is to join the us air force. If you can, make sure you get an afsc (air force job) that has to do with computers and/or intelligence because it will just boost your experience. Some examples include:

    Client Systems (3D1X1)

    Operations Intelligence Specialist (1N0X1)

    Network Intelligence Analyst Specialist (1N4X1)

    Cyber Surety (3D0X3)

    Cyber Systems Operations (3D0X2)

    Computer Systems Programming (3C0X2)

    Cyber Transport (3D1X2)

    Geospatial Intelligence (1N1X1)

    While you are in your 4 or 6 year enlistment, work on your bachelors degree in something like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering. Many accredited schools offer these degrees online. Make sure you go to a REAL school, not one of those Kaplan/DeVry/University of Phoenix fake schools. Some examples of good universities that offer computer-related bachelors degrees online are:

    Florida State University (Computer Science)

    University of Illinois (Computer Science)

    University of Maryland UC (Computer Science, Cybersecurity)

    After your enlistment is up, you can re-enlist with your bachelors as a Cyberspace Operation Officer or a Special Investigations Officer. The Army and Navy also offer similar opportunities, but the Air Force has a higher quality of life and is more education-focused.

    If you do not want to re-enlist as an officer, you can always apply to work for the FBI, CIA, or NSA. They all have cyber crime divisions. I'm sure high end companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple will also be interested in your cyber experience (if you continue on to getting your masters degree).

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