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how to cook jerusalem artichokes?

I have tried boiling them , then roasting them and they just turn to mush, even tried roasting without par boil but still mush, i have them un the garden so would like to eat them , please help.


I think Mermaid is thinking of glob artichokes , but thanks anyway

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    Remove first row of outer leaves.

    Cut off the tip of each leaf with scissors.

    Cut off a little of the bottom with a sharp knife and steam for 45 minutes.

    Dip each leaf in garlic butter or just butter and extra virgin olive oil, when you get to the heart scoop out the fuzzy stuff and cut into quarters and also dip in butter.

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    I mostly stir fry them or bake like a the other poster you never eat the leaves of jerusalem artichokes only the tubers leaves are actually somewhat toxic.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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