what does a 'new beginning' mean- tarot card reading?

hi i had my tarot card read yesterday and the woman said that there will be a new beginning in my life i dont know what that means. i am seeining someone casually and i think am falling in love with that person. tell me what it means

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    8 years ago
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    Well you should call your reader and ask them to elaborate. I would NEVER let a reader just say something that vague. What sort of questions did you ask? Did you ask about your love life? You career? Did you get the Ace of Cups? That card would indicate a new beginning in the matters of the heart. Go back to or call the reader that did your cards tell her you would like some more insight on the cards she pulled for you. And NEVER ever let a reader be so vague with you again!

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    New Beginnings Tarot Card

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    A new beginning will refer to a new start of some kind, something new will be starting within your life.

    When you have a reading & you do not understand what the readers gives you - Ask. The reader is the best one to answer your questions concerning what they have said.

    If you can contact her to ask maybe you should.


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    That is usual for these fibbers to say; vague, spurious and mindless. How else can a lie survive?

    So if it is vague enough, they have said something close to it; and if it is spurious enough, they have lots of escape routes to go around it; and if it is mindless enough, there are millions of fools they can get to believe them besides you.

    You must remember, you and every one else has got a "new beginning" every year, month, day, minute or second of your time spent on Earth.

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    3 years ago

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    8 years ago

    The 'NEW BEGINNING' she was referring to was for her SELF, as she will be getting a new house and car with the money you and other ignorant people have given her.

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