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An employer named Mark Smith in uk is offering me a job as nanny. is this for real?

He sent me his address and contact number. I sent him my cv and application letter but when he told me to mail YOUR WAY TO UK TRAVEL AGENCY for them to help me process a working visa.. I automatically searched it on the net. Is it a scam?

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    100% SCAM

    There is NO nanny visa for the UK anymore. That was cancelled back in November 2008 so unless you have already been working in the UK since before that date, it's impossible for anyone to hire you because there is no visa. Now you have to either be an EU/EEA citizen or from a country eligible for the Youth Mobility Scheme (Japan, Australia, Canada or New Zealand).

    Travel agencies book travel - hotels, flights, train tickets, tours, etc. They have NOTHING to do with work visas

    The ONLY agency that can process your visa is the British Embassy in YOUR country or their authorised visa agency. If you are from the Philippines, VFS is the ONLY agency authorised by the British government to process visas for Pinoys.

    If you were told to contact anyone but VFS then it's always a scam

  • zimmel
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    a hundred% rip-off in case you weren't flown to the united kingdom for a head to head interview with your corporation in the previous you have been provided the activity, it extremely is often going to be a rip-off. No exceptions An corporation can't even get a certificates of Sponsorship without info they have performed an in intensity in individual interview with you and might practice which you have specialized academic and employment skills and that no-one interior the finished ecu can fill the placement provided. they could desire to positioned up a job for no decrease than 4 weeks in the european and JobCentres around the rustic and practice info that no longer ONE qualified ecu citizen utilized With checklist unemployment interior the united kingdom and an overall of 800 human beings using for each and each activity posting interior the united kingdom, it extremely is impossible until you have been something like a prize triumphing PhD Chemist or a wellbeing care expert who invented some new surgical technique

  • Judy
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    9 years ago

    Please say you didn't send him any money yet for that visa or other paperwork. Yes it's a scam and a very common one.

    Think about it. Who would hire a nanny without even a personal interview? And there are no nannies available in the UK?

  • rtfm
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    9 years ago

    Yes, of COURSE it's a scam. No parent in the universe would hire a nanny without an in-person interview.

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  • 9 years ago

    You are falling for a scam

    You really don't see it?

    Google: Human Trafficking

    Slavery, prostitution. You will be in a new country with no way to get back. No contact

    If not, it's just the old scam in which they send you fake checks, and ask you to wire money. Or ask for your checking account details

  • michr
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    9 years ago

    i am sorry BUT.... did you really need to ask this question?

    at some point did you actually believe this?

    PLEASE tell me you are not so desperate that you would think this was an actual job...........

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