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Does Canada have Nukes? Mexico?



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    Canada is part of the British Commonwealth. Mother Britain has an arsenal of nuclear weapons as does the father country of French Canada. Canada also belongs to NATO. Countries that have "nukes" are:

    1. USA

    2. UK

    3. France

    4. Russia

    5. Pakistan

    6. India

    7. China

    Reportedly: Israel, North Korea and Iran.

    As far as I know, Mexico has no nuclear weapons' program and no desire to start one. Argentina worked on one for a time, as did South Africa.

    P.S. Canada does allow its citizens to bear arms. Look at the laws by province and the rate of gun ownership. It's not a dis-armed society by any means. That's a common misconception that Canadians are not allowed to own firearms.

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    I'm a little baffled by your question. There hasn't been talk of invading Iran since the election, fortunately, and there are moves afoot to start some kind of talks. When and how remains to be seen. The UN needs to be able to inspect and verify that nuclear weapons aren't being developed, and the US needs to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and to work with other countries (whether Russia, France, India or North Korea) to take stronger steps toward disarmament. To the other poster: Atoms bombs ARE nukes! The US still has the world's largest arsenal and maintains thousands of those weapons on hair trigger alert. And the US government still has not said it would refrain from using them first.

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    Both Canada and Mexico have nuclear power plants, but they do not have nuclear bombs. This is believed to be because they have no need for nuclear warfare being that they do not have enemies and worry only about their own development.

    You can find more information on a search engine.

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    Nuke weapons no, we have many reactors and have the capability to make them though. its very expensive to guard and maintain a dozen or so nukes... with our military budget money is needed and better spent elsewhere.

    As for Mexico im interested in other responses, i doubt it though...

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    No. There is no need to have them.

    Any nuclear attack on Mexico or Canada would be viewed the same as attacking the US.

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    Canada doesn't want them and cartel members in Mexico would rather look their victims straight in the eye and shoot them than take out thousands at once who are miles away.

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    Yes, but Canada's nukes have to wait in line, and Mexico's nukes only work until noon.

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    No those two will not even allow their citizens to be armed

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