I am looking to go to college for Information Systems Security was wondering?

how hard the classes are for your bachelors, and if the job is exciting?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Technology is constantly changing so it's difficult to say who has the best program, but if you put in the effort a certified 4 year university will give you the opportunities and the basic skills you need. Even if your degree is in Computer Science or Information Systems it should suffice. Most colleges don't offer Security specialized programs yet, and if they do they are in their infancy. If you do go for a 4 year program, look into internship opportunities with the DoJ. They offer internships with the FBI, and NSA provided you meet the requirements (do a quick google search).

    Whatever you would do I would avoid going someplace like ITT Tech or Phoenix Online. The education you receive there will not prepare you for the real world.

    You may also want to consider alternatives such as getting CISCO networking certifications, and other certifications such as CISSP on top of your 4 year degree if possible.

    The job can be exciting depending what you do. It's not like the movie Hackers for me, but I suppose there are people out there who focus on the security aspects of the industry more than I do. Information Security specialists focus more on convincing management why they should by the new wiz-bang Intrusion Detection System, how to reduce their liability, and coming up with disaster recovery plans. If you like writing security policies this may be the job for you, but it's usually the system administrators and networking guys who hammer out the technical details.

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