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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago

關於illegal constructions 英文翻譯。急

On april 19th,the Ombudsman's office released a report condemning poor government enforcement of laws against building illegal structures on small houses in the New Territories.A few days later,indigenous village representatives said they wanted the government to amend the law so they could keep their existing illegal structures.Some warned they'd take to the streets if opposed.

Under the Small House Policy introduced in 1972,every indigenous male villager over 18 can build one small house in his life time.According to the Heung Yee Kuk(乡议局) 240,000 are eligible to apply.At the moment,12,000 are on the waiting list.The small house can be up to 27 feet or three storeys high,with the area of each floor not exceeding 700 square feet.Some feel this is unfair to others born in Hong Kong but Victor Zheng,Who researches Hong Kong clans and families,feels the tradition should be respected but not extended.He says the Basic Law guarantees the villagers' rights.

Legislators,including Lee Wing-tat and Ronny Tong,say that indigenous male villagers should be satisfied with the right to own a house of more than 2,000 square feet.

Legislator and Heung Yee Kuk(乡议局)member Cheung Hok-ming says that Development Bureau officials have negotiated with the Heung Yee Kuk (乡议局)and are likely to permit illegal structures as long as they don't compromise safety.After receiving petitions from rural committee chairmen,the Director of Buildings Au Choi-kai said on Thursday that exempted houses in the New Territories are different from other buildings regulated by the Building Ordinance.They are small scale and relatively low risk in terms of safety.Recently,Ming Pao Daily (XX报纸)published several editorials asking whether the rights of indigenous New Territories residents should be reviewed.It said the next Chief Executive should make this a top priority.


Back in the land of the living,which in Hong Kong at least,is relatively limited in size,there is tendency for buildings to get taller as they can't get wider.where indigenous villagers are chafing against building height restrictions,that were introduced four decades ago.

Update 2:

Not many people in the New Territories are still sticking to the land for farming vegetable and poultry farming.So it is not a tradition any more.

Update 3:

And then,on the other hand,when we give the housing rights or the rights to small houses to every descendant,with the limitation of land supply and the continuous growth of population we have to think seriously on how to make a stop to this policy.


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    申訴專員公署(the Ombudsman's office,即 Office of the Ombudsman)在4月19日發表了一份報告,譴責政府對付新界的小型屋宇興建違例結構的差劣執法。數天後,原居民村代表表明他們希望政府修改法例,使他們能保留已有的違例結構。有人還警告如果不被接納,他們就會上街示威。

    在1972年開始推行的新界小型屋宇政策(Small House Policy,即小型屋宇政策,全名是新界小型屋宇政策,即所謂的丁屋政策)規定,每個年滿18歲的男性新界原居民村民,都可以在其一生中興建一間小型屋宇。根據鄉議局(Heung Yee Kuk,即新界鄉議局)的資料,共有240,000人合資格可以申請。現時共有120,000人在輪待冊上。政策規定這些小型屋宇最高只可以建至27呎高或3層高,每層面積不可以超過700平方呎。有些人覺得這對香港出生的其他人不公平,但研究香港氏族和家族的鄭宏泰(Victor Zheng)卻認為,這個傳統應受到尊重但不應延續下去。他說基本法保障了村民的權利。

    包括李永達(Lee Wing-tat)和湯家驊(Ronny Tong)在內的立法會議員(Legislator)表示,男性的新界原居民村民應對他們有權擁有一間超過2,000平方呎面積的屋宇感到滿意。

    身為立法會議員和鄉議局成員的張學明(Cheung Hok-ming)則表示,發展局(Development Bureau)官員已和鄉議局商討,並可能准許違例結構繼續存在,只要這些結構不危及安全。在接過鄉事委員會(Rural committee)主席的請願信後,屋宇署署長(the Director of Buildings)區載佳(Au Choi-kai)在星期四表示,豁免新界屋宇是和受屋宇條例(the Building Ordinace)規管的其他樓宇是不同的。新界屋宇的規模小,而且在安全方面相對地低風險。最近,明報(Ming Pao Daily)發表了數篇社論詢問應否檢討新界原居民的權利,還說下任特首(Chief Executive)應把這放在第一優先考慮。




    註:"take to the streets" means that to go out and gather together in public streets for protects, opposition, demonstrations and celebrations.(即上街)


    (上述英文名 "Victor Zheng" 的中文譯名「鄭宏泰」可能有錯,因為在網上還未能找到確切資,請多多包涵)



    2011-11-05 06:52:43 補充:

    對不起,因為一時手快,中文翻譯的第4段裡的「詢間」(即原文的 "asking")打錯了,現更正為「要求」,請留意。

    Source(s): 苗克阿肯
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