flash player in I.E. not good

Adobe flash player new version in I.E. is not good. But in Google Chrome is good. But I want to use I.E. How can I fix it? Pls advise


I am sure Chrome is good. I have both of them. But I just don't understand why flash player is not good in I.E.

Not good means no movie or white out when I log in Yahoo, the advertising just white out and dead.

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    8 years ago
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    Adobe flash is the only choice. So if you want to use IE, the only way is to bear it until the next version fixing some bugs.

    Or try Chrome. It's really awesome I think. I always use it.

    2011-11-07 22:23:42 補充:

    I used to use IE only. IE is really confused. You can try to reset ie. if it does not work, I have no idea.

  • 一夢
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    8 years ago

    i suggest you can explain your problem more concrete , "not good " is difficult for us to understand the actual problem .

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