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what states were spanish missions built?

which states in the us had spanish missions

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    When the Spanish visited America, they built missions in hopes of spreading Christianity to natives. Today, most of these buildings operate as educational destinations. Spanish missions --- located in most states that border Mexico, with a high concentration in California, New Mexico and Texas --- serve as opportunities to teach children about U.S. history as well as the unique aspects of Spanish culture.


    There are 21 missions along the coast of California, spaced between one and three hours apart. The first mission, San Diego de Alcalá, opened in 1769, while the most recent, Las Flores Asistencia, was built in 1823. All 21 missions are open to the public, and common features include tours of chapels, bedrooms and gardens. If you choose to travel up the coast, stop at kid-friendly locations such as SeaWorld San Diego, Disneyland in Anaheim and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    New Mexico

    New Mexico features more than a dozen missions, including San Felipe, San Ildefonso and San Miguel. New Mexican missions were built between 1650 and 1750. Many are pueblos, or small towns inhabited by Native Americans. Most missions feature annual art or agriculture festivals: The San Felipe mission hosts a public Corn Dance on May 1, while the San Ildefonso mission celebrates with the Animal Dance on January 23. The corn dance celebrates the new harvest and features a ceremony where participants perform sacred dances around a circle. During traditional dances, people often burn old goods such as pots, pans and clothing to make room for new items.


    The 819-acre San Antonio Missions National Historical Park includes San Jose, Espada, Conception, San Juan and the Alamo. The Alamo, the location of the famous battle of the same name, was the first Spanish mission in Texas. The San Jose location served as a cultural center while the San Juan site served as an agriculture and goods supplier. The park offers a Junior Ranger program; children who complete a Junior Ranger activity booklet receive a certificate and badge.



    While not well documented, it seems likely that Europeans had visited the eastern shore of North America prior to the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. It was Columbus' discoveries that brought the Americas to the attention of Europe and it was not long before all the major nations of Europe were setting up colonies in the Americas. Spain claimed the most territory including most of the west coast of both continents and parts of the Caribbean. This included what is now the United States South and Southwest. Spain established missions and settlements throughout its holdings for two primary reasons, first, to bring Christianity to the indigenous people, and second, to help strengthen Spain's claim to the territories also coveted by France, Britain, Russia, the United States, and others. The first mission founded in what is now the United States was in Saint Augustine, Florida. Possibly the most well known missions are in California where all 21 of the main missions have ben restored. Less well known are missions from Virginia south to Florida, and from Louisiana west through Arizona to two almost unknown missions on the California side of the Colorado River. The famous Alamo in San Antonio, Texas is one of dozens of missions built in Texas. Missions and churches were also established in Baja California and a chain of missions eventually extended from the southern tip of South America and north into Northern California.

    In California, where most of the later missions were founded, secularization occurred in 1834 when Mexico striped the missions of thier property. Elsewhere, secularization occurred much earlier. In Texas, many missions were secularized and became community churches in the course of normal events as the "mission" moved on to a new location, often with a new name. With the secularization of the California missions in 1834, the mission era ended.




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