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Child mirserable in carseat...Anything I can do?Those that have tall toddlers recommend your carseat, PLEASE:?

My daughter is a lot larger than the average two and a half year old. She is 41" and 38lbs. We have the and she is miserable in it. I am so afraid to make it into a booster as she is only two and a half and I feel like she is not protected enough but we are tantrum city. No matter what I promise her, what I let her play with she is miserable and gives me a really hard time buckling her...

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    I moved my guys to front facing at 15 months because they did not like rear facing anymore.

    A regular booster is not going to be legal for a 2.5 year old. When my guys tantrum in the car, I turn up the radio. I did it while nannying too. They learn it gets them no where. But my guys also don't really mind car rides in the first place either.

    I would really try to just buckle her in, and ignore any tantrums. The more attention and promises you make the more she will tantrum. Turn up the radio instead.

    If she is trying to get out of the carseat, a booster is going to be worse because it is easier to escape from. You have to be 4 in GA to use a booster that uses the cars own seat belts to hold the child.

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    get a booster with a back part. i put my son into a graco rally sport at just under 3 years, due to height issues.

    put both seats in theback of your car (i am assuming you have space)

    put her in the booster. tell her she has to sit still, and leave the belt alone.

    if she touches the belt and buckle, she goes back in the baby seat. which is already set up.

    if she does touch, stop the car and move her as soon as is safe.

    if she has a toy or book, she should have no need to mess with the belt.

    my son is 8 now, and still fits in the rallysport.

    if we are on a long trip, he goes in the rally. if we are local, he has a regular booster.

    if you are in the uk, go into a large mothercare store. they have seats out on display for you to try.

    sit her in a few. the mothercare own brand looks ok. but the graco came down just a bit lower when my son was small.

    i don't agree with lying to people, but i would be very tempted to say the girl is 3 if they ask. well, she nearly is!

    also, if she gets to choose a seat( the rally has a couple of different colours), there might be less tantrums.

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    Unfortunately you chose a not well liked seat.

    At her age, height and weight, she should still be in a rear facing seat- she is nowhere near ready for a booster. My godson is 2 and 36 pounds and is still rear facing. Lately he's been giving me a hard time about restraining him anywhere... car seat, chair to eat, making him stay in the tub, etc. Your daughter should be harnessed through age 7 if she still fits in a harnessed car seat.

    You should buy her a new harnessed seat that will fit her better, and will be easier to install in your vehicle. For reference, the seat you have only has 16.5" top slots.

    Evenflo Maestro- 18" top slots, harnesses to 50 pounds, converts to high back booster

    Graco Nautilus- 18" top slots, harnesses to 65 pounds, converts to high back then backless booster

    Graco Argos- same as Nautilus, but harnesses to 70 pounds and has a no re-thread harness

    Britax Frontier- 20" top slots, harnesses to 85 pounds, converts to high back booster. Tallest harnessed seat and booster sold in the US

    You're very right to be afraid of putting her in a booster, especially if she moves out of place. A booster seat's job is to position the seat belt correctly so that in a crash it will protect her instead of hurting her. If she moves out of place in a booster, the seat belt can kill her. Also, because of her immature hip bones, she will slide right down the seat leaving the lap belt on her soft organs in her tummy, and the shoulder belt around her neck.

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    When it is safe to switch your child is based on height and weight, not by age. If shes too big for the carseat and fits the height and weight requirements for a booster, switch make it into a booster no matter her age. It is actually dangerous to keep a child in a carseat that is too small.

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    We use the Britax Marathon and love it. It's good up to 65 pounds, but check the height constraints. My daughter is almost four and we've been using it since she graduated from her infant carrier.

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    Bribe her with a portable DVD player to watch when in her car seat. I spent $80 (australian) and it is worth EVERY cent

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    Be careful switching to a booster... It uses a seatbelt? Don't you think that she will be able to wiggle out? I knewy twins were going to be very tall so I invested in one that will harness them until 80 lbs. Britax boulevards.

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    She is well within the range for the seat. Most children hate being restrained.

  • Her size is perfect for booster. My daughter was 2 and a half when she was put in one :) She is very tall for her age

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