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Can someone tell me the name of this horror movie?

Can someone tell me the name of this horror movie?

I watched it years ago,

All I can remember is that this car of people were driving through the woods at night and they stop so a man can urinate. He walks off into the woods, pins a poster to the wall of a naked women and then urinates.

I don't know if this bit happens after, but they stop at a tool shed and they go inside and I think they find axes or something

then they pick up a lady who is carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket,

in the car on the back seat the lady unravells the blanket and the baby has had its head bitten of or just mutilated

that's all i can remember,

please post any suggestions of what movie it COULD be, i'm not sure if I have all this info right so if you do think of a movie that has some of these scenes please just comment :)

thanks so much

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    Dead End (2003)

    starring Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Alexandra Holden

    IMDb synopsis:

    For the past 20 years, Frank Harrington has grudgingly driven his family to celebrate Christmas with his mother-in-law. This year, he takes a shortcut. It's the biggest mistake of his life: The nightmare begins. A mysterious woman in white wanders through the forest, leaving death in her wake. A terrifying black car - its driver invisible - carries the victims into the heart of the night. Every road sign points to a destination they never reach. The survivors succumb to panic, to madness; deeply buried secrets burst to the surface, and Christmas turns into a living hell.

    EDIT: Here's the movie trailer:

    Youtube thumbnail

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