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are there any mmorpg games like grand theft auto?

no grand theft auto multiplayer

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    I think you ll like these mmog below as well. check them out..

    APB: Reloaded

    APB: Reloaded is a massively multiplayer online freeform combat and driving-based game, designed by the creator of the original Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise.

    Auto Club Revolution

    Auto Club Revolution races on tracks instead of city street and the game is unlikely to have cops or civil cars. There will be licensed tracks as well as self-designed tracks. Trying to provide racing game fans a "console quality" MMO with officially-licensed cars, Auto Club Revolution boasts up to date graphics and emphasis on socialization.

    Auto Assault

    Auto Assault is the ultimate in car combat,brought to you by NCSoft-the masters of massively multiplayer online role-playing games.Head out ontoooo the highways of a post-apocalyptic future in your high-powered,fully armed vehicle.Play as one of three warring races in this,the fastest,most destructive MMorpg ever!

    Steel Dog

    Steel Dog is a new concept online car fighting game. The player can compete in solo play or group play, utilize the vehicle's various abilities and the characteristics of the vehicle to defeat the opponent's vehicle to experience car combat fun. Solo gameplay, mini games, a variety of weapons and vehicle PvP system will be unveiled in this test.

    The World of Cars Online

    World of Cars Online is a virtual world based on the hit Disney/Pixar animated feature CARS. Get ready for a high-octane ride full of fun and adventure where YOU are the Car. Design your car, play games, and make new friends. Learn to race like a pro from Lightning McQueen or cruise around and tip tractors. Why? Because you can! Now's your chance to hang in the Cars world - it's free to play but access to special features requires a subscription.

    Ray City

    RayCity is a free-to-play online racing MMORPG, (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Game) very popular with casual gamers, car enthusiasts and fans of racing games.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe these free and online MMORPGs are fit for you

    Pockie Ninja

    Pockie Ninja is an anime-based browser game that features "One character, multi-classes", which changes the traditional notion that "one character can only play one class". In this game, you can choose from hundreds of cartoon characters, exclusive class and hidden skill.

    Eternal Wars

    Eternal Wars is a massively multiplayer on-line text based role-playing game that has been on the net since October 2005. Even though Eternal Wars is not graphically rich it makes up for it with its rich storyline and game complexities, offering the players the flexibility to make their own unique characters, with the ability to upgrade specialties that help you in your game play or the masteries that help you kill beasts that can give you special equipment, gold, magic essence, or specialtie

    Shakes & Fidget - The Game

    Shakes & Fidget - The Game is a classic browser game. Funny role of the cult-comic! Tinker your own hero from over 7 billion combinations and dive into a dangerous world full of monsters and Hell Bunny brides! Existing exciting adventure or brocade players in the arena! Squander your reward for funky new equipment - from the real sword until the false mustache!

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