Some questions about Japan?

1) They say it's stressful there and they have lots of overtime. Do they have their Sunday off for sure?

2) Most of the anime events are timed during Sunday, is that right?

3) What are the chances of a foreigner getting a worker's licence? Is it relatively hard?

4) How much are the total of bills and food at their minimum? Something like that? Would there be enough for entertainment?

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    9 years ago
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    1) Yep, there is even a term in japanese associated with those who die from overworking: Karoshi. Working hours vary from firm to firm, but in general they work 9-5 weekdays, and take weekends off. However, they are engaged in a lot of overtime work.

    2) That depends. Most big anime events are scheduled during the weekend, however there are some that will open for press, business people etc. in the weekdays, then open to public in the weekend.

    3) Depends on the type of work you want to do. Some have it easier than others, while others have lots of competition. You should research regarding the work you wanna pursue.

    4) If you are planning on living in Tokyo, accommodation is quite costly. Most foreigners don't even rent in Japan, simply because initial costs for renting are extremely high. (You are required to pay three months deposit, and three months rent in advance, etc.) Food, on the other hand, is not so bad. There are heaps of budget options around. Depending on what kind of accommodation arrangements you make, you would have left enough for entertainment.

    Source(s): Majored in Japanese language/culture.
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