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Why do the Islamic countries hate Israel?

Why do the Islamic countries of the Middle East hate the State of Israel so much? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    Israel stole Palestine

    Israel Killed millions since 1947

    Irsael is killing thier innocent babies

    Israel is boming thier people

    Israel grabbed thier property

    and you want me not to hate Misrael ??

    it is better to be a sucide bomber if i was forced to love Misrael .

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    ok Palestine united states of america have been for extra then 1000 3 hundred and sixty 5 days in what's now Israel now think of your self a Palestinian and all your existence and relatives have lived in this united states of america of direction there is Jewish human beings yet they're Arab Jewish comparable is the Palestinians are Arabs 2 they have lived at the same time for thousand of years at the same time through fact they have the comparable lower back floor purely diverse faith, now after the WW2 in Europe white Jewish have suffered for the time of the holocaust in Germany, and that's have been it started Jews Migrate from Europe to Palestine by utilising the help of the British, Palestine on the time became occupation by utilising the British and the Jews started there new united states of america stated as Israel might you like it if some people who're diverse from you in each thing got here on your united states of america which you and your grand father and large large grand father lived for extra beneficial than 1000 3 hundred and sixty 5 days now you spot human beings from yet another united states of america taking on might you like it i can comprehend if the Muslims hate the jews, it rather is like this think of if the Muslim in the united kingdom now needs to make a clean united states of america interior the united kingdom and make contact with it a clean call and take administration might you like?? the Muslims who Migrate to Europe stay and stay by utilising the regulations of the rustic they stayed in and that's the version.

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    Antisemitic views have been going around for millennia however the current wave of hatred for Jews by a lot (most certainly not all) muslims dates back to the founding of Israel. Prior to WWII there was some Antisemitic feelings towards Jews going round eastern Europe which came to ahead during the holocaust or Shoah. When the allied forces occupied Nazi territory and witnessed the horrors first hand it sent a wave of sympathy among the western world and USSR who after a few years of debating what is to be done decided to give Israel back it's historical (although this is hotly debated) territory.

    This led to the land we know as Israel being called the "twice promised land" as it was during the days of the British empire promised also to the Arabs.

    More seriously prior to the foundation of Israel there was a muslim world where a huge chunk of the globe was ruled by muslim governments having a rather arabic culture. The whole land from north west Africa to southern boundaries of asia and europe including the Balkans were considered the "land of Islam". The foundation of Israel effectively split that land into two unequal halves displacing many muslim arabs from their homes. Now it is believed among some muslims that an attack on any muslim anywhere in the world is an attack on the Islamic community as a whole but if you want more information you should probably google Antisemitism and remember what I have outlined here is a very gross oversimplification just to give you a small idea of some of the issues involved.

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    The Arab world expelled just about all their jewish population throughout the 50s-70s ethnically cleansing their land of jews. Israel is the only free democracy in the region with shared values with the West surrounded by a sea of brutal and feudal dictatorships- that don;t tolerate other minorities.

    You see for example in Syria how they brutalise and slaughter their own population. The war against Israel has been financed by the Arab oil wealth and Russian , China and France have been happy to take full advantage of this market for their arms exports. Israel is an advanced developed and prosperous country surrounded by medieval types with access to billions of petrol dollars who won;t tolerate a jewish presence in their midst

    As other have mentioned - antisemitism is now endemic thoughout the arab world and is being fuelled in their media- tv programmes and through thier mosques and madrassas being preached by their clergy many who have become purveyors of hate, and ofcourse teaching it to their children in schools - not just the arab world but Iran

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    1 There is a big profit in it. Billions in 'aid' are given to the so called refugees. Almost non of it reaches the people, the leaders steal it.

    2 By creating an 'enemy' the leaders can hide their own wrongs and focus all the problems on the so called 'enemy'

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    Pan Arab Nationalism.... the idea that when the Turkish empire fell, Arabs would be next to create a regional domination.

    It never dawned on them that Jews who had been part of the Middle East, for over 3000 years deserved a sliver of land for self-rule. Instead that is seen as an affront. The Middle East is a mosaic of Druze, Kurds, Coptics, Bahai, and so on. However whenever any of those groups tried for self-rule, Jews included, they were murdered.

    So from there the PR lies are told to make the story sound more appealing to the west. Because "we want to be dominate" wouldn't sell well.

    Israel invited Arabs to be citizens with equal rights. Those that stayed are. Seven Arab armies attacked Israel, but to tell it, you'll hear how Israel was the cause of the issue....! They then cry victim to their own wars.


    You've got to be kidding me that you believe that! Arabs (not Palestinains) were some of the residents of the region, and both they and the rest like Beduion were ruled by the Turks! The mandate was land taken in war... and Arabs were already busy attacking Jews, which is why British & UN decided Jews couldn't live under Arab domination. So 91% was given to Jordan & Arabs, and 9% to Jews where Jews were the majority!

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    Because that's what Islamic countries do best.

    Americans love baseball, football, basketball, hockey, apple pie, ice cream and motherhood.

    Brits will pause from a war to drink tea.

    The French are lovers.

    The Italians love food.

    The Germans are beer drinking pretzel eaters

    The Muslims hate Israel and anybody whose culture has advanced outta the dark ages.

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    because of common ancestry like pole repel

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    The palestininans had a small peaceful state in the middle east ruled by the British. After WW2 the jewish people decided that this was really theirs and moved in. the British eventually gave in and the Israeli state was formed on land stolen from palestinian farmers.

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    A number of secular and Islamic countries in the Middle East object to the illegal actions of the Tel Aviv regime, including the occupation of neighbouring countries territory, sending murder squads into their countries, use of illegal weapons on their citizens and the apartheid policy in the occupied territories.

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