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how to bleach and dye a lace front wig?

so i bought a beautiful real hair lace front wig. it is kinky curly, not virgin hair, and i think it has some remy in it. but there's a big problem... the hair is almost black! my natural hair is blonde, and turns darker brown, and i want my wig to be lighter to not look so weird on me. can anybody help me out? i literally need to know everything, step by step.

-how to seal the knots first

-how to bleach it

-how to dye it

-how long to leave bleach and dye on for

-what shampoo and conditioner to use

-anything else!

everything! ahh! thanks if anyone can help!

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    There's plenty of videos on youtube on how to bleach and dye weaved and lacewigs. (Most of these women are stylist too) That's how I learned. You could also ask a stylist or beautician and they can help you out too.

    Also you need to know what kind of hair the wig is, because if its not all the way human hair the bleach will destroy it

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    4 years ago

    as long as that is human hair that is extremely not dealt with then it could be nice. yet i could leave it to a stylist or a stylist with wig journey as lace fronts and finished lace wigs have a tendency to be high priced. incredibly in the event that they are human hair.

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