Do u see more ups or more downs in ending The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Undefeated Streak? Why?

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  • 8 years ago
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    (Same as before, but more info).

    More downs. The Streak is something cherished by MANY wrestling/Undertaker fans, and it's one of the few (visually) known rewards he has from WWE. He doesn't have 10+ title reigns, he has 7. He isn't always vying for the title, and he often gets put below stars such as Cena and Orton in WWE's importance (such as the bullsh*t Power25).

    The fact that he could go 19-1 at WrestleMania would be a waste of YEARS of "Streak" story lines.

    Also, many other stars would have similar accomplishments, such as Cena being 7-2 (or is it 8-2?) and just general Non-WWE born stars, such as Flair or Goldberg, having a 16x world title reign, or a 173 win streak, etc.

    WWE's greatest accomplishment for a WWE-born megastar (e.g. became a star in WWE) is Undertaker and his Streak. Undertaker is one of the few stars who has accomplished so much yet never had the controversy or hatred as someone such as Hulk Hogan or John Cena.

    If Undertaker lost to a new-comer, or any big star in general (Jericho, Cena, Orton, Lesnar, Sting, DiBiase jr, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, etc) then it would make all the HUGE! stars that lost to Taker weak.

    Kane couldn't do it twice, HHH couldn't do it twice, HBK couldn't do it twice, Edge couldn't do it, Big Show and A-Train, at a combined weight of 820lb+ couldn't do it, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista - members of Evolution, a dominant stable for 3 years, couldn't individually do it. Then, you have some whose careers were just plainly awful. Mark Henry, now the World's Strongest Champion, couldn't do it. Big Bossman couldn't do it.

    These two also fit into the category of "giants".

    In total - Big Show and A-Train couldn't do it with a HUGE advantage of about 540lb and the numbers game. Giant Gonzales couldn't do it, King Kong Bundy couldn't, Mark Henry couldn't do it, Big Bossman couldn't do it, Sycho Sid - then WWE champion - couldn't do it, Diesel, later known as Kevin Nash, couldn't do it, and Kane, although dominating the first match, could not come close in the second encounter and, overall, could NOT end The Streak.

    If ANYBODY defeated Taker at Mania, they not only made themselves look better than ALL of the people on the Streak and legends who made it possible (Jake Roberts, Snuka) but they ended the point of the recent feuds. Why bother to have had Streak vs Career when Undertaker would've retired 2 years later anyway?

    Why bother making a NINETEEN YEAR Streak that occurred once a year just to END IT on the 20th - the event that would cement all kinds of accomplishments?

    WWE would most likely NOT make another Streak like this, or even have another star wrestle for or remain with their company for this long, so no point trying.

    Undertaker wrestled through the Golden Era (80s - 92), the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era and the unofficially named PG-Era. No star will duplicate or replicate that feat. Ever.

    So, you tell me, friend, are there more ups or downs to waste 19 years worth of legends?

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  • 8 years ago

    In response to the other people comments so the INJURIES ARE FAKE TO AND OWEN HART DIE OF THE TOP WAS FAKE , Yes I see more buildup to undertakers wrestlemania streak because that the only big thing they have on Wrestlemania besides the Rock and John cena. They might have Undertaker fighting someone big in this years wrestlemania

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  • 8 years ago

    Wouldn't it be nice rock vs cena; main event. Second to last main event ; goldberg vs undertaker, to end takers undefeated streak

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  • 8 years ago

    END IT!! All good things come too an end, so should this. it will be the most known wrestlmania moment maybe ever, and no body would ever see it coming. it would also put over a superstar like no other. I personally think orton should, seeing that he is still young, and pretty much wrestling is his life. just my opinion tho. It might also be a good way too transition out of the pg era (if vince actually wants too)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wrestling is fake! Find a real sport it's all scripted and they get payed more to agree to lose a game.

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