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昆明街,昆明街與成都路的交叉口,那裡有一家Family Mart。




3.上天橋是不是go crossover 還是用某一動詞?天橋的另一個英文是skypass還是sky????


補充三寫錯啦 是go overpass

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    Hello Mon!, per your request, I am back to translate this for you. Hopefully, my translation will not make it even more confused for people who is going to use it, :-) ...

    1. Get out from the MRT exit#6, you will see 誠品116.

    On your left-hand side, there is a clothing chain store, at the

    intersection of 漢中街 and 成都路. Then you cross the street to

    this chain store. Face the west and walk on 成都路, about 7

    minutes later, you will come cross 昆明街. There is a "family

    mart" at the intersection of 昆明街 and 成都路. About 2 or 3

    stores away, you will see 國賓戲院.

    2. 上高速公路的動詞: get on

    3. 上天橋是不是go crossover: you shall use "cross the street by

    getting on the overpass." overpass is 天橋.


    in "大概下兩或三家店就會看見國賓戲院了", you didn't tell whether is on 昆明街 or 成都路. since you were on 成都路, therefore, I think it is on 成都路,

    I use "get out" is a little strong, "exit" is better, but "exit#6" has another exit. Not to confuse people, I use "get out"

    I didn't translate the name of the streets, because it shall have an official translation. If I translate it, it

    may not be the same, and people can get confused.

    Since you just want to know those verbs and preposition.

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    1 VI out of your exit from the MRT will see Eslite 116

    Then there is a clothing store net on your left, located in Hanzhong Street and Chengdu Road intersection.

    Then cross the road to the net, facing west, Yan Zhu Chengdu, way to go, about seven minutes or so, you will encounter

    Kunming Street, Chengdu, Kunming Street and the intersection of the road, where there is a Family Mart.

    Probably the next two or three stores will see the Ambassador cinema

    2上高速公路:On the highway

    3上天橋:On the bridge

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    In fact, you can tell him Simon Chengdu Road MRT station, exit 6off the second straight big zebra crossing then Kunming Street,next to the Odeon cinema left families

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