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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 9 years ago

Pararescue Personnel Recovery?

I understand the main mission of PJ's is personnel recovery. But, if the personnel they are trying to reach get captured and thrown in some compound or ship, is this still in their realm of expertise, or do they then give the mission to CAG/DEVGRU suddenly? Because,technically, wouldn't hostage rescue also be personnel recovery?

Why don;t PJ's go through the whole combat diver course like CCT's do? I thought that PJ's need to be combat divers. Do PJ's only dive in order to recover bodies and equipment or do they ever act as combat divers?

I understand they're on par with other SOF in terms of direct action, because they're often attached to those guys or have to rescue them. So, do they have to learn unconventional warfare and recon and such? Why are they attached to other SOF anyways, is it because of their life-saving skills as medics?

Lastly, in the current GWOT, are they functioning as basically elite medevac's? It's an important job no doubt, but a very specific one.

Are ACC RQS PJ's attached to SOF teams from other branches or are they different than the AFSOC STS PJ's?


I understand that they go through combat dive school. On the show "Surviving the Cut" the Pararescue students left the school before the Combat Control students did after recieving open circuit dive training. It said that once they left the CCT students learned to use the Draeger Rebreather and learned to be combat divers. I'm assuming maybe Pararescue students would learn more on those things later on in the Pipeline?

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    9 years ago
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    Pararescue does go through Combat diver school, that's part of the pipeline

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