30weeks+ and stressing Out?

Iam 30weeks+ with my 2nd child, my daughter is 2yrd 1half month old... I feel as though i havent realy accepted the pregnancy and i havnt been botherd to realy buy anything for the baby coming,my parents had all my daughters stuff and most of everything was unisex so most things were bought down to my house today, i built the mosy basket sorted out clothes that was used for my nephew, and even sorting it out still didnt feel right and im jst stressing out soo much to do and were to put it all in my small home, am just in a pickle :( i know am pregnant i have the name chosen out but why havent i accepted it my heads over the place help

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  • 8 years ago
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    don't stress too much about it,by the sound of it you got everything.you have to think which stuff its more important,like clothes you need them handy,but change table and bath,i would not worry about it too much,you really can change them anywhere on the change matt,for bath you could use you're laundry sink,and so on.its not a big deal.and you always can buy stuff later on.that's what i did with my third child,i use the stuff from my 2 other kids.

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