Anything you know about Cake Decorating?

This for my senior project and I need as much information as possible. Secrets, tips, techniques, materials, recipes, types/styles, history/background, etc. Everything and anything you can think of that has to do with cake decorating.

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    Decorating with buttercream icing is a very versatile decorating icing and very tasty to eat. Most buttercream decorating is done with the use of pastry bags and tips. You can do:

    Borders, scroll work, lace work, and ruffles.

    Flowers can be made with buttercream, including: roses, daisies, pansies, irises, poinsettias, mums, violets, daffodils.....

    Pictures can be made using buttercream figure piping, frozen buttercream transfer, or drop stars.

    You can do sculptured work by carving the cake and covering with buttercream and molding the buttercream using spatulas and brushes.


    Fondant is a type of decorating using a rolled icing. Fondant leaves a very smooth finish to the cake.

    Flowers can be made with fondant by forming the petals and grouping them together to form a flower. The flowers are dried and attached to a wire so they can later be attached to the cake.

    Figures can be made by molding fondant into shapes and dried for placement on the cake.

    There are many, many styles of cake decorating: Sheet cakes, round cakes, tiered cakes, sculpted cakes.

    You can do a decorated cake using very few tools or be extremely detailed and use air brush, cutters, stencils, molds....

    This is a link to a cake I did using only one tip size #5, to decorate the whole cake.

    and this is a link to a very good set of how to cake decorating DVD's:

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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cake Decorating

    Whether you are new to cake decorating or more experienced, this is the place to take your creativity to the next level.

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