if macbeth were in high school who would he be?

doing a video and need help

if macbeth were a highschooler who would he be? would he be in a clique? would he be in a sport?

also who would the three witches be?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    He could be a second-string quarterback on the football team and jealous of the star quarterback. And in the non-football season he could be on the fencing team (I know, that's more of a Hamlet thing than a Macbeth thing, but most high schools don't have full-blown swordfighting or jousting teams these days).

    And the witches could be "Revenge-of-the-Nerds"-type nerds whom the popular kids regard as being smart but nerdy, and who use their tricky intelligence to make prophecies that sound positive but actually turn out negative in order to get their revenge on the popular kids like Macbeth who snub them and give them wedgies.

    And the dinner-party scene where Macbeth goes bonkers and hallucinates -- it could be done in the school cafeteria, with homages and allusions to the food-fight scene in Animal House. Epiiiiiic!

    Hey, I think we have a potential blockbuster movie here. Let's see... Tommy Lee Jones as the football coach, of course; America Ferrara as First Witch; Lady Gaga as Lady Macbeth (it could be a musical!); ...um.... Hillary Duff as Lady MacDuff? Well, anyway, you get the picture (so to speak).

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