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Why do people say Agnieszka Radwanska reminds them of Martina Hingis or Justine Henin?

She does have more variety than other players and she's not as powerful...but her variety consists of slicing and going to the net when it's a put away point...Serena Williams probably has more variety due to her being a seasoned player (decent net game, uses the slice when she has to, drop shots, etc.) but Serena doesn't really need variety as she has incredible power.

Hingis and Henin were geniuses on court who had every single shot in the game...I just don't see how Radwanska is comparable aside from slicing more often than other players would.

Maybe I'm not seeing something? Granted, I haven't watch too many of her matches, but a decent amount nonetheless

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    She lacks a lot of power, but she is very strategic in her shot-selection and that was kind of how Hingis and Henin played. Except they had some finesse and power to their shots.

    A good example of Radwanska's abiltiy was at the 2011 San Diego Open final against Vera Zvonareva. She totally beat her by crafting odd shots and relying on her opponent making errors. It was a fun match to watch.

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    id say she is more similar to martina hingis.... as martina hingis was a classic counter puncher.......

    and had a chess game as a tennis game....martina hingis had even more finese

    justine henin on the other hand had all the shots in the book full variety. and great power as a matter of fact

    radwanska does not have the power justine henin had... nor quite the shot selection

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    I agree but I can sort of see where they are coming from. Although she doesn't have quite the shot variety of Hingis or Henin, she is a player who uses guile to win in the modern power age. It is refreshing to see a WTA player today who plays a more crafty style of play.

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