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What are all the baseball teams named after? Please list all 30?

Name: Object (not the same word, twist it a bit), like this

Greatest MLB Team: Baby Bears, lol. (When listing 30, still please include "Cubs: Baby Bears" even though I already said it).

Ok no Cubs jokes. If you White Sox fans really think the White Sox are so great, then you can clearly you're man/woman enough to get by without making a bashing Cubs joke.

Oh, and one more thing, if you're going to, please say "Cleveland Indians: Native Americans" not "Cleveland Indians: American Indians".



Rock Firestorm, you're an idiot, the last time I ask this question was hours ago.

What a moron you are, the question is quite clear; WHAT ARE THE 30 MLB TEAMS NAMED AFTER?

Maybe if you gave me a good answer, I wouldn't have to ask again.

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    If I am understanding your question correctly...

    AL East:

    Tampa Bay Rays (formerly the TB Devil Rays) - Simply a devil ray, an aquatic sea animal or a sunburst (the yellow star represents a ray of light that irradiates throughout Florida).

    New York Yankees - An American simply put. It's what people all over the world call Americans: a Yankee.

    Boston Red Sox - Originally called the Red Stockings in early 1900s I think, not sure what it means.

    Baltimore Orioles - A small bird with brightly colored orange-yellow and black feathers.

    Toronto Blue Jays - A small, blue bird.

    AL Central

    Minnesota Twins - Named after two cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul (the Twin Cities).

    Cleveland Indians - Kind of self-explanatory, Native American Indians.

    Detroit Tigers - A tiger (the one that's orange and has black stripes) :D .

    Kansas City Royals - Guessing they represent royalty and kind of a "grace".

    Chicago White Sox - Were called the White Stockings, I think by the Cubs first,but they dropped the name... Not sure.

    AL West

    Texas Rangers - A ranger, simply put I guess, one who patrols and defends.

    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - An angel, based in Anaheim, California.

    Oakland Athletics - A group of athletes, I guess it's self-explanatory.

    Seattle Mariners - Mariners I am guessing mean someone of the sea.

    NL East

    Philadelphia Phillies - I'm guessing a Philadelphia native.

    Washington Nationals - I'm guessing a similar thing to the Yanks, someone who is of this country.

    New York Mets - I'm guessing named after the Queens, NY Metropolitan area.

    Atlanta Braves - A Native American Indian.

    Florida Marlins - Florida is known for deep sea fishing, and a Marlin is pretty much a swordfish.

    NL Central

    Pittsburgh Pirates - Simply put, a pirate.

    Chicago Cubs - A newborn or young bear.

    Milwaukee Brewers - One who brews beer, I guess.

    St. Louis Cardinals - A small, red bird.

    Cincinnati Reds - Similar to the Red Sox, they I think wore red stockings, so they were known as the Reds.

    Houston Astros - Astronomers I would think.

    NL West

    San Fransisco Giants - One who towers above others.

    San Diego Padres - Padre is the Spanish word for "father", so in other words one who you will obey (your papi, rofl).

    Los Angeles Dodgers - Someone who you cannot hit or hurt, I'm guessing.

    Arizona Diamondbacks - Simply put, a diamondback rattlesnake.

    Colorado Rockies - Based in a mountainous, higher-altitude area in Colorado.

    I hope I answered your question correctly.

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    I didn't see it the first time. Wish Black Hole hadn't tried to "help" you. Here goes (after I Google MLB so I don't forget any):


    Atlanta Redskins (if the NFL can do it, so can they)

    Florida Big Fish

    NY Other Teams (as in not the Yankees)

    Philadelphia Flyers...oh....wait...that one's taken and is only slightly better than Phillies.

    Washington Elected Officials

    Chicago Not Boy Scouts Yet or NBSY's

    Cincinnati Scarlets

    Houston Jetsons

    Milwaukee Makers of Beer, MOB's

    Pittsburgh Sparrows (get it?)

    St. Louis Redbirds

    Arizona Rattlers

    Colorado Big Peaks

    Los Angeles Debters (how about that one? get that one?)

    San Diego Papas

    San Francisco Big Guys


    Baltimore Orange Birds

    Boston Red Hose

    New York We Think We Are Better Than Everyone Elsers. WTWABTEE....shorten it to Elsers

    Tampa Bay Water Creatures

    Toronto Annoyers (cuz blue jays are a MOST annoying bird)

    Chicago Blancos

    Cleveland Feathers

    Detroit Puddy Tats

    Kansas City Cerulean's

    Minnesota Twosies

    Los Angeles Devils

    Oakland Slightly Athletics

    Seattle Sea Captains

    Texas Sheriffs

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    Ren is the only one who took the time to tackle this question and should receive Best Answer.

    Two clarifications from Ren's list:

    Dodgers - were named for trolly dodgers when team was in Brooklyn

    Astros - short for Astronauts. Houston area was the NASA Space Center.

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    New York Metropolitans

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    I actually don't get the question- Are we just supposed to tell you what the teams are named after, or are we supposed to RENAME THE TEAMS with synonyms?

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    How many times do you plan on asking this stupid question in here? You don't endear yourself to regulars when you keep repeating the same stupid question over and over in teh same group over a short period of time.

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    Betcha can find all of 'em using Google or

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