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What are all the baseball teams named after? Please list all 30?

Name: Object (not the same word, twist it a bit), like this

Greatest MLB Team: Baby Bears, lol. (When listing 30, still please include "Cubs: Baby Bears" even though I already said it).


Ok no Cubs jokes. If you White Sox fans really think the White Sox are so great, then you can clearly you're man/woman enough to get by without making a bashing Cubs joke.

Update 2:

Oh, and one more thing, if you're going to, please say "Cleveland Indians: Native Americans" not "Cleveland Indians: American Indians".

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    It's American Indians. No one called my great grandmother native American. That's a white PC term to lower their guilt.

    No one says, "Native reservation," or "American reservation," or even, "Native American reservation." Why has no one ever ASKED Indians what they want to be called?

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    Greatest MLB team is the Cubs? Are you on drugs? The Cubs are far from being the greatest team. I'll make all the Cubs jokes I want because I can't stand the Cubs. The Sox aren't great but they are far better than the Cubs.

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    Ren is the sole individual who took the time to handle this question and might acquire appropriate answer. 2 clarifications from Ren's checklist: Dodgers - have been named for trolly dodgers while group grew to become into in Brooklyn Astros - short for Astronauts. Houston area grew to become into the NASA area center.

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    I read it twice and I still have no idea what you're asking.

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