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How common is Poco Bueno bloodlines?

I have a mare with Poco Bueno as her great, great, great grandsire. I know he's kinda a famous stallion. Is she worth more because of his name? How common is he in breeding?


She has won a lot of NBHA and HSRA barrel races. She runs 14 and sometimes 15 second times. I can't find her bloodlines directly but here is her sire's:


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    That is quite far back in her bloodlines and unless she or her sire or dam have proven themselves it truthfully does not mean much. Can you post her bloodlines? That would help us give you a better idea.

    She also has king on the top of her sire and Two Eyed Jack on the bottom-both great horses!

    The sires immediate history though is not top quality. She will be worth more from her winnings and you can throw in those names-Those two are know in cutting and reining circles but you are doing quite will with your mare!! It will be nice then to add that her lineage goes back to Poco Bueno. King and Two Eyed Jack-that will catch peoples attention!

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    I have a mare who's a Poco Bueno granddaughter, and she's Foundation bred/approved. This is the other major family in the QH breed besides the Impressive line, and most Poco Bueno horses are known as cutting and cattle horses. The PB line also has a lot of TB in in it, mainly from the Three Bars family. I would think that your mare would be worth more to people who are interested in running barrels or in reining or other speed events. For myself, my mare is actually a retired polo horse, if you can believe that, and I do dressage on her. She is ideal for that sport in a lot of ways, despite the fact that she was bred to be a cutting horse. She's a beautiful mover, a good jumper (yes, she's been ridden and shown in Hunter classes) and has a quiet, kind, trainable mind. Anyone can ride her, even rank beginners. I am planning to breed her to a TB stallion next spring. NO, she does not have HERDA- she's been tested for both that and HYPP, and both are negative. If you are planning to breed, you need to get your own mare tested before you do. My mare's foal will be used for polo and for pleasure riding, and will always have a home. Call me a BYB if you want, but since I am not planning to sell the foal or foals I get from my mare, I don't think it makes much difference.

    Source(s): Proud owner of a Poco Bueno granddaughter.
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    She wouldn't be worth more just because of her great great great grandsire being Poco Bueno. It will all depend on how your mare moves , how she looks, and what she's able to do herself. When horses become famous, hundreds of people pay money to get some semen from that horse. They will breed a bunch a foals in order to find one that will carry out Poco Bueno's legacy.

    Try tracing her back to some of his more famous foals.

    "Poco Bueno sired 405 registered AQHA foals, 222 were performers. His most successful crosses were on the daughters of Blackburn. Among his famous get were Poco Stampede, Poco Tivio, Poco Lena, Poco Mona, Poco Bob, Poco Dell, and Poco Pine"

    Source(s): However, it's fun telling non-horse people about your mare's famous family member.
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    It's fairly common in the foundation Quarter Horses (similar to King, Doc Bar, Hancock, Leo, ect). Alot of cow horses have PB lines. She's got pretty descent lines - have you had her Foundation approved? It would definitely up her value to people looking for foundation lines.

    If you plan on breeding her in the future, you should have her tested for the HERDA defect, which descends from Poco Bueno. http://www.animalgenetics.us/Herda.htm

    Source(s): Owned several horses with Poco Bueno lines, several horses Foundation registered.
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  • Lilian
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    Just wondering how old your horse is??

    Yes those are good blood lines. But a lot of the PB bloodlines carry the genetic problem that has to do with Herda. A disease that the skin can be like loose soft dough. It is not cureable but does come form the PB lines.

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    Her pedigree is nothing special as all the names are way back and would be close going off her papers. And he isn't a usual barrel horse bloodline he is known more for cow breeding and working horses not many speed horses. But it wouldn't make her worth more.

    Source(s): Train Barrel and Pole Horses
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    ive seen the name many times. people do raise the price but idk why

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