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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 10 years ago

The Bible is obviously a novel/fiction book?

Why do people think it's a book of rules to follow and that it's written by God? God can't write (if he exists), he's a ******* spirit. Just because the Bible has quotes and ways to live your life, that's just in the book. Nothing says you have to follow it. It's a part of the story in the book.

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  • Don R
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    10 years ago
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    Have you ever had a feeling out of nowhere to warn a friend of a big mistake? Ever have a feeling of a danger you needed to avoid? Ever know something without being taught? Ever feel a holy presence guiding you? The prophets of ancient Israel were not preachers or like ministers of today. They were not concerned with fame or materialism. They feared God and sought His instruction in fasting and prayer continuously. They inquired to guide a lost nation through very difficult times. And the Spirit of God sent them very detailed messages in which they wrote down in a series of books which became the Bible.

    These books were not fairy tales or fiction written in some undisclosed time and place. They were books written by national priests, kings (such as David and Solomon) and revered prophets who instructed the nations of Israel and Judea. These writings took place over a very long period of time. They began with Moses 3500 years ago, after the exodus from Egyptian bondage. They were written through the empires which ruled the Middle East- Assyrian, Babylonian, Medeo-Persian, Greecian, and even Roman. By far, the Bible is the best and most orderly collection of ancient history ever assembled, with a genealogy which dates back 4000 BC. You may choose not to follow the moral instructions of Scripture if you choose, but to dismiss the writings as simple fiction doesn't do justice to the truth. To this day, archaeologists continue to use passages out of Scripture in discovering clues and locations of ancient peoples within the Fertile Cresant region. Dig a little deeper, as they do, and you will be amazed at what the Bible offers the world.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The bible is obviously not a fiction. it is instead an early history. It is an attempt by the the Hebrews to write down long standing oral traditions that explain for them their origins. The further back you go the more mythical the tale becomes as the oral history becomes more practised and less factual.

    The later addition to the the bible, known as the new testament is a collection of disuptable stories based on the supposed life and times of a man that none of the authors met, knew or lived at the same time as.

    You can if you wish try to treat the bible as teachings for your life and good luck with that, but its no more the right appraoch as living your life by Winnie The Pooh (pbuh)

  • 10 years ago

    Yes it is just a fiction book. The evidence against it is overwhelming and it was first written 200 years after Jesus had died, that means that it would have been passed from word of mouth for 200 for the new testement and 2200 for the old testement before it was written down. If you play a game of chinese whispers, within 20 seconds the original message is completely distorted. Now imagine that for 2200 years, then it was badly translated from arabic to greek to english.

    I personally think that religion is an insurance policy for the weak minded - clinging onto life, trying to overcome death and live for ever - basicly the rediculus idea of an afterlife...

    Hope I was of some help :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes, it is just a book of bad fiction (that is used to con people). If a god wrote it, he is incredibly ignorant. Such a deity could not create any world when he does not comprehend it.

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  • 10 years ago

    People that claim to follow the bible rarely actually READ the bible, let alone look at the development/evolution of their cult... They don't KNOW that there are THOUSANDS of Individual christian cults and that the CURRENT number far out shadows the THOUSANDS that existed before...

    The Genocide and Slaughter of ONE Christian Sect set upon another in a desperate attempt at being the "True" Christian Cult... The ONE TRUE Sect.

    The way that their holy texts were manipulated, edited, plagiarized, and manipulated by each group...

    How the holy texts they base THEIR idea of "God" on are nothing but plagiarized nonsense from many earlier cultures...

    Ignorance of the reality and progression of their own organization are what allow so many to do so much harm to the world and continue to believe that it is really "Good".

    ► The History Channel: Banned From The Bible I & II

    GoogleVideo Search:

    ► First Council of Constantinople

    ► First Council of Ephesus

    ► Council of Jerusalem

    ► First Council of Nicaea

    ► Epiphanius of Salamis

    ► Pope Gregory VII

    ► Evagrius Ponticus

    ► Rivals of Jesus | National Geographic Channel.

    ► National Geographic: The First Jesus?

    He called himself the King of the Jews, likely considered to be a Messiah. Just around Passover, the Romans killed him and crucified many of his followers outside Jerusalem. But his name was not Jesus... it was Simon, a self-proclaimed Messiah who died four years before Christ was born. Now, new analysis of a three-foot-tall stone tablet from the first century B.C., may speak of an early Messiah and his resurrection. We'll go to Israel to assess this unique and mysterious artifact, including comprehensive review of the script and content by a Dead Sea Scroll expert. Then, from Jerusalem to Jericho, we'll investigate key archeological ruins that could help prove Simon was indeed real.

    Source(s): ► The Syncretic Heritage of Christianity ► Did Jesus Really Exist? by Mark Thomas ► Penn & Teller: Season 2 Episode 11 - "The Bible: Fact Or Fiction?": ► A review of references to Christ outside the Bible ► Did a historical Jesus exist?
  • It's a book of allegories. I suppose one can take lessons from it, but some of them are downright scary.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Firstly, God did not directly write the book--he told certain people what to write (Moses, David, Luke, Paul, etc.)

    Secondly, don't assume that spirits cannot interact with the physical world in any way whatsoever, ESPECIALLY an omnipotent One.

  • 10 years ago

    The Holy Bible is truly God's word.

  • 10 years ago

    Worse than that. A book full of lies.

  • 10 years ago

    It's the word of god that was written by man

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