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Question about AMTRAK, OUTRAGE & Government Waste !- OCCUPY AMTRAK (REALLY)!?

Why do people never seem to get angry at how much waste of tax dollars is done by Amtrak? Is it our nostalgia of trains or government official and wealthy who squash the stories?

Our Train station has been under construction - well the parking lot anyway! LOL! Apparently the worked to slow ( Amtrak Employees and Contractors ) so now they need more money! They also want 75K to do a study about the needs for parking ( after) they did the parking ?? HUH? PLease explain this?

The worst part has ALWAYS BEEN conditions inside the station( very old station)- the stairs to the platforms are so rusty and bad they have weak spots, the roof has had leaks for years and it needs painting a major wall repairs/electric etc.......

Guess what - they ran out of money before touching ANY of that?

Now employees for AMTRAK have better retirement that any company I know of and they have a great benefits package- yet they work slower than molasses in January.They all milk the job because they know they can! Yet people go after TEACHERS and Unions??????? Why aren't they OUTRAGED at paying TAXE$ - BIG dollar$ for AMTRAK???????????????????????????????????????????????

I think we should sell the trains to private companies that could turn it around and MAKE a profit! Stop the waste!

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    Amtrak is great example of Federal funded seed money operation, Hijacked by private ownership that still gets congressional subsidizing that is totally corrupt and mismanaged. I worked hard and was honest working for National Railroad Passenger Corporation. Amtrak Nepotism got me fired so someones relative could have job placement.

    I was NOT connected to any insider to protect me or my employment, the union representative his father employed in the 1970's at the railroad got him his job at Amtrak.

    No doubt what you say is correct the unions are corrupt and the railroad industry has a history cronyism and nepotism as whom is allowed to be employed. The union representatives are all corporate owned "yes" men or women that are puppeteer-ed by the Oligarchy,Kleptocracy or Plutocracy whatever you prefer to it term as.

    Private passenger rail went bust in the 1960's because of airliner travel, Few business owners want the niche market that might exist even to today. Freight companies rule the rails and the entire railroad industry. Vice President Biden is the highest ranking govt official who is totally connected to keeping the fraud going on at Amtrak.

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