On Ouija Boards, could the demon Zora really be the demon known as Zozo? HELP!?

I have contacted a demon named Zora. Could this demon be the demon everyone talks about named Zozo? This demon I have contacted has threatened to kill anybody that was in the room with me. At one time my friend said I was just sitting there in her room smiling an evil smile after the oracle had been forced off the board. She said that she had slapped and punched me in the face; and when she did, I would just stay in that same position smiling and laughing an evil laugh and I would not flinch or show any emotions when she hit me. Everytime I get on a Ouija Board, this demon is the only one that talks to me. Could this demon called Zora really be the demon known as Zozo? Somebody help me please, I really need to know.


Also, these boards I am talking about I did not buy. My friend either made them or bought one herself. Also when I was sitting there smiling and laughing an evil laugh, I had no idea it was happening because everything to me was black and my whole body was numb. When I finally came to, my friend told me what was going on; so that is how I know what was happening.

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    8 years ago
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    Great answer Steve, I would just like to add a few things that might help calm things down for the questioner and others who might genuinely get disturbed by the board.

    It was patented in 1892 as a toy, and that's all it is, there are only two things that can move the planchette, the first is the subconscious movement of the participants called the ideomotor effect, and the second is one or more of the participants moving it on purpose as some sort of prank.

    This is extremely easy to prove by blindfolding all the participants as detailed in my link, any 'messages' are complete gibberish


    I've carried out this experiment many times to help people like yourself who genuinely believe that they are contacting demons, spirits or dead people and get very disturbed by them, this i why so many people say not to play with them.

    As an added control, after blindfolding all the participants, I veryquietlyy and without telling them, turn the board around 180 degrees, apart from the letters being in the wrong place, the YES and NO panels are now at a different end of the board.

    I ask the normal questions and some which can only be answered with a 'yes' or a 'no', the planchette ALWAYS goes to the wrong end of the board because that's where the participants think it is.

    Once the participants realise what has been going on, they first of all kick themselves for being so gullible, then thank me for ridding them of their imaginary demons.

    Here's Penn and Teller demonstrating it in an amusing but nevertheless informative way.

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  • 8 years ago

    If Ouija boards could summon up evil spirits and demons then WHY THE **** WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO BUY THIS **** IN TOY STORES? They are a scam and the company that makes these boards knows it. Gullible people like you end up buying this **** and that's why these companies are successful. All of your "evil" laughs are all in your mind cause you are believing and perceiving that this stuff actually exists. I really hope this post was total bullshit to see what responses you would get out of people, but if not then next time you are possessed by Zozo you can tell it to kiss my white *** and I'll see what it does about it lol!

    Additional Comments:

    Your friend making a board just proves even more that demons or whatever don't exist. If this demon were so powerful then why would it need a board and you guys saying rituals to communicate or posses you? It could use anything to communicate with people like a computer, piece of paper, or blink Moorse Code through a lamp lol. If it were that evil then explain how it would not just posses you at any time it feels like or try to take over the world through anyone's body? I am not trying to be mean, but there are so many red flags with the existence of demons that you have nothing to be worried about. So please do not be scared over this incident, I guarantee that this is all psychological it has been proven through science!

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  • 8 years ago

    You might think im crazy but you have to use the ouija board again. make a circle with candles, and you need to intently focus on this entity. ask it what it want. Ask it why it is continuously there. Be smart and don't offend it. if it threatens you, remember that you are human and this is our home, our world. You must tell it to leave you alone because it does not belong. tell it to leave. if it fights back you may need to contact paranormal researchers. But otherwise, you should be fine.

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  • 8 years ago

    I have check there is Zora but non related to ZoZo which is not exist, Too bad the oracle was forced off the board, indicate that now U in processed, Please get Professional help quickly!!

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