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ccc asked in 電腦及互聯網軟體 · 10 years ago

separating software into layer

a. Explain the advantages of separating the software into layers.

b. Distinguish between the software layers "Operating System Kernel" and "Operating System".

c. Suggest why there is the need tp separate the software layer "Operating System Kernel" from "Operating System".

d. Explain the communication process between "Application" layer and "Operating System" layer.

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  • Kevin
    Lv 7
    10 years ago
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    如果已經裝好了 windows ,可以試下用 Easeus Partition Manager



    2. 開機Fdisk.

    但先此聲明, 您在有寫入資料的情況分割,


    所以分割碟磁前, 請先做好資料備份(Backup).

    不然, 一分, 您的資料好可能一刀兩斷, 到時泣都無為.


    上面1的方法, 程式可以上網Search到, Free of charge.

    而方法2, 對電腦MS-DOS吾係咁熟的人, 我吾建議用..因為Fdisk裡面仲有其他功能, set錯的話, 您個HardDisk死梗.

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