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    I do not understand why you have this unpleasant feeling, have shown throughout our very sincere, and whether your or our brand, it is also responsible for a policy. If you have doubts about us, please remove this doubt, because it is redundant.

    These costs is to ask whether our T / T, or shipped after deducting all acceptable.

    Never doubted you say not true, but can only guess from the pictures because, so it only crash ...... so guess. If the photo can determine the truth, that is not true, so please understand our guess.

    Perhaps you long time cooperation ┴ I may not trust us to, let me stress again that our reputation over 20 years, please remove your doubts. 聆聽以拼音方式閱讀聆聽以拼音方式閱讀►按一下以檢視其他翻譯按住 Shift 鍵,以拖曳方式重新排序。為翻譯評分對調語言

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    I don't understand why you would have the same unpleasant feeling, from beginning we are very sincere, and whether the brand is you or us, to be held accountable and is also a policy. If you have doubts about us, please remove this doubt, because it is redundant.

    Regardless of these costs is to require our t/t, or shipments after deduction, are acceptable.

    Never doubt you said is not true, but only by the photo guessing cause, so it is collision ... ... Speculation about, and so on. If photos can tell truth it was unreal, so excuse our guess.

    Maybe you and I both sides cooperation ┴ soon time to not trust us, let me stress once again that we have 20 years standing, please remove your doubts.

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    I do not understand why you have such an unpleasant feeling.

    We show our sincere since the very begining, no matter the brand belongs to your side or ours. Be responsible for it is also our policy. If you still have doubt on this, please just forget it, it's really un-necessary.

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    You may charge us by T/T or deduct after shipping, we can accept both them.

    We have never doubted on what you said, but we could only guess the causes by the photos.

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    Therefore, we judged that as a collision...and etc. If we really do judge by the photos, that would mostly not true, please forget our suspection.

    2011-11-01 17:45:00 補充:

    We have just started our cooperation, you may still have doubt on us. However, please consider our sincerity to work with you and our 20 years experience in this field. Please not to have any doubts on us.

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