Can I get ADA reasonable accommodation for severe delayed sleep phase syndrome?

I can't wake up for class on time. It is a 1:30pm class and the latest class with the good professor. I have slept in several times, causing me to miss class and miss a lot of questions on the test. I voice record all the lectures and study from them, but if I don't have a voice recording and have to go off notes by my classmates, I get low scores. I get As if I can be in class and get the notes how I want, but I get bad grades on anything I can't have voice recordings on/come to class for. My delayed sleep phase syndrome is the only thing standing in my way of an A. Is it covered by the ADA? Who would I need to get a note from? I have no health insurance. The only professional right now I can afford to see is my therapist. It's not in the DSM, but she lets me diagnose myself. I am pretty sure I have it because a lot of times I can't sleep until late and can't always wake up until 3pm some days.


I don't know if my therapist could diagnose it or not. I will brainstorm with the teacher if he thinks he can do anything. I have no idea if anything can be done.

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    You would need a doctor's diagnosis.

    You would need a letter to verify the diagnosis as well as the need for accommodations.

    After you have a diagnosis, a letter, you can then talk with the disability office at your school to work out what accommodation would help you

    Allowing the class to be recorded might be a reasonable accommodation; however, allowing the absences from class may or may not be considered a reasonable accommodation (I know this for a fact based on info from a Civil Rights Attorney).. it depends on how the school, the professor view it & how it applies to FAFSA.

    They are not required to provide someone to record the classes, you are required to provide that. It is highly likely that you will be required to come to class & record (even if half asleep).

    A better accommodation would be to take that same class at a later time, even if in a different semester... or perhaps as an on-line class (if offered... some classes, like Biology that have required labs & can't be done 100% on-line)

    I am going to point out something.... there are students with Math Learning Disorders.... one school might see using a calculator as a reasonable accommodation, while another school does not agree this is a reasonable accommodation & sees tutoring as a reasonable accommodation -- just because you see an accommodation as reasonable, and even when a different school would agree, doesn't mean it is a reasonable accommodation at your school & might not be allowed as one. This specific example has been discussed in a round-table with Civil Rights attorneys...... and, as long as the school will work towards what they feel is a reasonable accommodation, then it can't be legally argued that accommodation you prefer is what has to be honored by the school... because of the definition of "Reasonable"....

    People tend to think that whatever accommodation is best for them should be enforceable... when that simply isn't the case (a poster named Jazzy comes to mind)

    I have done paralegal work for a Civil Rights attorney... who has been a friend since Jr High School.... we have talked about the frustrations of being disabled & not being able to get the accommodations that work best for the individual at work, at school, and even in businesses.

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    What is it you want?, a later class? Try night school/evening classes. I fail to see what the ADA can do for you. If I read this right the disorder you say you have is not in the DSM, and it is a self diagnosis as well. To the best of my knowledge it would require a professional to diagnose your disorder(not in the DSM). Consequently I'm kind of lost here.

  • You need a doctor/ therapist to diagnose it. Than you can ask for a reasonable accommodation. I suppose an accommodation in this situation is to be provided notes. But what you really need is medical attention. I had the same problem in grad school and discovered I had sleep apnea.

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