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Jehovah’s Witnesses: Regarding Thanksgiving, do you understand the words "obligated" & "Christian freedom"?

In regards to Thanksgiving, one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses recently wrote that: only they have true Christian freedom because they're not obligated to buckle under the pressure of worshipping a secular government.

This Jehovah’s Witness apparently believes that people worship the United States of America when they slide dark meat turkey and scoop stuffing and mashed potatoes onto their plate on Thanksgiving Day.

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses really understand the words "obligated" and "freedom?”


And I might add this: In concluding that I “worship” the USA by eating turkey on Thanksgiving, have they revealed a fundamental misunderstanding of that word? And do those who have answered so far, you’re starting to get me hungry too! I think I’ll go worship some filleted fish and streamed rice tonight.

Update 2:

Wow! Within just a few minutes, the JW “thumbs-down fairies” have given 15 thumbs-down to my four answers. That’s a new strategy. The first strategy was false reporting, the second strategy was completely shunning my questions, and now we have evolved to the next level. Kind of weird, isn’t it?

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    No, they do not understand the concept of Christian freedom. They think they have the Christian Freedom to NOT celebrate Thanksgiving but it is really the illusion of freedom, because what would happen if they did? A little talk from the elders maybe? Disfellowshipping or reproval if they fail to repent... They spout off about their christian freedom to NOT celebrate these things but completely deny the christian freedom of christians to choose to celebrate them and instead label them as worldly people, indulging in pagan celebrations.

    And YES they do misunderstand the word "worship". They have so skewed and hidden its meaning in their bible with regards to Jesus they no longer even know what it means.

    They claim christians "worship" the christmas tree, the cross, the flag, and anything else that is part of a tradition they reject. None of that is true of course, and neither is that JW's assertion that one is worshiping the USA by taking part in Thanksgiving. There is nothing pagan or nationalistic about Thanksgiving. It is not nationalistic simply because it is nation wide. Every country has some form of Thanksgiving and on wildly different dates, so there goes their "worshiping the USA" bit. And you cannot make it pagan without some serious scholastic dishonesty and mental gymnastics.

    How does one worship a country any way? If the flag salute is worship, because it is a sign of respect, do soldiers, police officers, etc worship each other when they salute one another? Do Korean JWs worship each other when they bow to each other? If taking part in Thanksgiving (which really has nothing to do with the USA other than location for us) is worshiping the USA then are other gatherings also worshiping the USA? Are they worshiping Jesus by holding his memorial nationwide on the same date? Or globally! My my, earth worship now! If they have a baby shower, are they worshiping the baby? Or the mother? How about anniversaries? Worshiping your spouse? Undo attention? Creature worship?

    Watch out for their next favorite: "don't you XYZ EVERY DAY?" as if having a day of Thanksgiving means you don't give thanks throughout the year... LOL.

    My word for the day is cognitive dissonance, as it seems to be applicable in most of what I have been seeing today.

    Me, I am going to be thankful (as I am everyday) for the blessings in my life, for the opportunity to gather with my family, have a nice dinner with my husband and we'll be having about a dozen soldiers in our little house who aren't fortunate enough to have their families with them, not to mention some Koreans (are they worshiping the USA too by coming and having some turkey in friendly company?) I might even give the cats some turkey and gravy. They do so love gravy...

    And I'm sure there will be multiple people in the week following who will be over for dinner or lunch featuring leftovers (Is that a continuation of the paganism I wonder???) as there seems to be so many people here throughout the week and month and year, we may as well install a revolving door...

    It won't be the first or last time throughout the year we've had turkey and it certainly won't be the first or last time throughout the year we've had massive amounts of company either... Had a homeless displaced soldier on our couch after a just because party just last week, a practice I am sure is pagan in its roots as the first couch was no doubt made by a pagan who was worshiping trees and made the frame work from a tree he was worshiping so no true servant of Jehovah would want to have such a spiritually tainted item in their home let alone sleep on it... ah, I am sorry. I am very snarky today. But that is essentially the basic ridiculousness their arguments come down to...

    Anyway my dear Rustic, enjoy your holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every holiday in between and beyond... Let the Jehovah's Witnesses look down their noses all they want.

    Colossians 2:16


    As an afterthought, if (because they have off work) have family or friends over for dinner on Thanksgiving and have a baked cornish hen, broiled fish or fried chicken instead of turkey and mashed potatoes, are they still engaging in a pagan celebration??? It must be because we are constantly told by them Christians can't celebrate on specific days because pagans happened to have had a celebration (related or not) on that day a thousand years ago... What's the difference?

    Source(s): I realize this is really long, I'm sorry :) I get flustered and just start typing lol
  • Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses understand the meaning of both words.

    Jehovah's Witnesses also understand when you purposely twist and falsely interpret what we say.

    In the USA, to use your example, people have the freedom to celebrate or not celebrate any holiday.

    Jehovah's Witnesses choose to not limit thanksgiving to a special day.

    We prefer to practice thanksgiving to God every single day.

    The only weird thing here is that you wish to impose your wishes or conscience upon us, while talking about freedom.

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    Lol. I guess the thumbs down is the new version of 'online disfellowshipping"

    So much insecurity shown with this thumb down technique.

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    We should always give thanks to the thumbdowners who don't appreciate a nice home-cooked juicy turkey drumstick, stuffing, peas, mashed potatoes and mashed turnips with lots of grrrravvvy, cranberry sauce, pickles, home baked biscuits, wine or juice, pumpkin pie...hmm! I already had this in our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner in October, so I already know what it tasted like!

    If the JWs can't stand the smell and taste of all this, then let them keep their thumbdown "freedom" rolling in!

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    i just think he probably feels he can be thankful and eat a big dinner any day of the year, and that he doesn't need someone telling him a special time to do it. that is a huge misunderstanding of "Christian freedom" on his part, but whatever, you know

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    Where's the gravy? And the sweet potatoes? Oh, and cranberry sauce!

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    I understood that Thanksgiving was a historical holiday..........however it is very distorted if its religioius at all

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    I am hungry already

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