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What is your sign and who are your favorite actors/actresses/singers (their sign?)?

Favorite Caucasian actors:

Favorite Non-Caucasian actors:

Favorite Caucasian actresses:

Favorite Non-Caucasian actresses:

Favorite Caucasian singers:

Favorite Non-Caucasian singers:

BQ: Who do you like the most out of all of them?


@EI: And you're an astrological/horoscope believer, get over it.

Update 2:

@C: Caucasians are POWERFUL thus there's very little space for us colorful people T__T

Update 3:

My list:

Favorite Caucasian actors: Leonardo DiCaprio (Scorpio), Anthony Hopkins (Capricorn), Kevin Spacey (Leo) and Jensen Ackles (Pisces)

Favorite Non-Caucasian actors: Bi Rain (Cancer), Tony Leung (Cancer), Denzel Washington (Capricorn) & Will Smith (Libra)

Favorite Caucasian actresses: Charlotte Arnold (Leo), Liv Tyler (Cancer), Kristin Kreuk (Capricorn)

Favorite Non-Caucasian actresses: Son Ye Jin (Capricorn), Yui Aragaki (Gemini) & Gabrielle Union (Scorpio)

Favorite Caucasian singers: John Mayer (Libra) and Liam Gallagher (Virgo)

Favorite Non-Caucasian singers: Bi Rain (Cancer), Gackt (Cancer), G-Dragon (Leo), Sammi Cheng (Leo), Vivian Hsu (Pisces), Rihanna (Pisces) and Lee Hongki (Pisces)

Update 4:

you guys forgot about the BQ T__T

BQ: Charlotte Arnold

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    Im not gonna seperate them into Caucasian and Non-Caucasian lol sorry


    Jensen Ackles (Pisces), Misha Collins (Sagittarius i think?), Jared Padalecki (Cancer) Lol all from Supernatural ha hahaaha


    Mila Kunis (Libra), Emma Stone (Scorpio),


    Matt Bellamy (Gemini), Alice Cooper (Aquarius), Lady Gaga (Aries), Tom Morello (Gemini), Thom Yorke (Libra), Freddie Mercury (Virgo), Haley Reinhart (Virgo or Taurus idk?), Michael Jackson (Virgo), Kanye West (Gemini), Rob Halford (Libra), Janis Joplin (Aquarius), Beyonce (Virgo), Christina Aguilera (Sagittarius).

    There's more if i think of them i shall edit!

    BQ: Jensen Ackles :P Lol and maybe Matt Bellamy and Alice Cooper and Janis Joplin.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Here are my fav at the moment:

    Favorite Caucasian actors: François Truffault, I know he's a film maker but has played in a couple of movies too, Aquarius and Seth Rogen, Aries (the sexiest man in my eyes)

    Favorite Non-Caucasian actors: Laurence Fishburn, Leo and Eddie Murphy, Aries

    Favorite Caucasian actresses: Isabelle Adjani, Cancer (the one on my avatar)

    Favorite Non-Caucasian actresses: Halle Berry, Leo

    Favorite Caucasian singers: Serge Gainsbourg, Aries (he was a singer/composer)

    Favorite Non-Caucasian singers: Donna Summer, Capricorn, Michael Jackson, Virgo

    Source(s): Leo
  • 8 years ago

    Favourite actors:

    - Sean Connery - Virgo

    - Sir Anthony Hopkins - Capricorn

    - Anthony Stewart Head - Pisces

    - Cary Grant - Capricorn

    Favourite Actresses:

    - Grace Kelly - Scorpio

    - Audrey and Katharine Hepburn (both Taurus)

    - Deborah Kerr - Libra <3

    - Jessica Leccia - Capricorn

    Favourite singers:

    - Lily Allen - Taurus

    - Lena Katina - Libra

    - Enya - Taurus

    - Hayley Westenra - Aries

    My favourite out of all of them is probably Deborah Kerr or Audrey Hepburn.

    I'd watch anything and everything with them in it.

    Source(s): Taurus Sun Libra Moon Libra Rising
  • Chris
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    8 years ago

    How come Caucasian people get a whole section to themselves? lol jk.

    I'll just do actors/actresses cuz there's way too many favorite singers of mine.

    Favorite Caucasian actors: Robin Williams (Cancer)

    Favorite Non-Caucasian actors: Jackie Chan (Aries), Chris Tucker (Virgo) ~ RUSH HOUR!

    Favorite Caucasian actresses: Jennifer Garner (Aries)

    Favorite Non-Caucasian actresses: Gabrielle Union (Scorpio)

    Source(s): cancer
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That's such a Virgo-like outline.

    Bradley Cooper - Capricorn.

    Gerard Butler - Scorpio.

    Jim Carrey - Capricorn.

    Source(s): Sag
  • Actors

    Angelina jolie,Gemini

    jennifer lopez,leo

    Lindsey lohan,cancer

    Johhny depp,gemini

    Denzel, capricorn


    Chris martin!!! , pisces

    Adam levine, pisces

    Brian litrell,pisces



    Oh and that caucasian **** is not needed smh..

    Source(s): Virgo sun Gemini moon
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You're not white, get over it.

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