What Film Schools are best for me to go to since I want to become a Film Writer, Producer and Director?

I really want to re-invent the Horror genre since all that's coming out now and days are horrible remakes and lame brain original movies, but I don't know what Film School is best for me and I have my mind set to it so I know I can do it. Any suggestions? I need Names of schools, and what they offer such as 2 yr. degree, 4 yr. degree, classes etc. Thanks :).

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    Essentially the big schools in LA: USC, UCLA, Cal Arts, and even some of the Cal State schools aren't that bad. The east coast equivalent is NYU. Reason being is those schools have professors who work in the industry and that's how you network yourself into the industry. Honestly most film professors will tell you flat out that a film degree is pointless unless you are going to teach the subject matter. Film school can still be a worthwhile experience if you don't have much experience in studying film and film production.

    You could in theory re-invent horror right now using no budget techniques (look at Paranormal Activity), but the lack of originality right now comes from the current stream of movie makers which these film schools are producing. It depends on what you do with your time in film school; many students in production courses now never take a film history or a film critique course, and that's why you're getting all these remakes and half brain movies.

    2 year degrees are pretty much trade schools and community colleges. Avoid trade schools at all cost (i.e. NY Film Academy, Hollywood Film School), those schools are scams and don''t help you at all to get a job in the industry. Community College locally is a good way to go about your first few years in college. It's cheap and you can get your AA and earn your general courses credits without paying a arm and a leg for it. Most freshmen think you can skip GE classes and go straight to your major just because you went straight to a big school, and that's not correct. You have to do GE either way, so might as well do it for cheap at a community college.

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  • 8 years ago

    USC west coast NYU east coast-forget the rest if you're serious.Obviously both 4 yrs schools and my advice is to have a good body of work.If not then expand your body and any JC or smaller school will be easy to get in film studies.Make your grades then try big time,which means those 2 schools I said.

    Source(s): Greatest independent true sci fi film maker ever www.youtube/humanswin
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