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Immigration help. Canada to the United States?

I'm currently a high school student in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I had heard that I might be able to move to the US for school. I was just wondering if this had to be college/university, or if I might be able to do it for my last couple years of high school, and then go to college or uni. Please respond. Any help is much appreciated.

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    And who told you that?

    Sorry... the United States has immigration laws. You can't (legally) stay in the country, attend schools, work, etc. without the proper documentation.

    You are certainly free to go to a private high school -- just apply, be accepted, have your parents apply for a student visa and pay your $25k to $30k per year for tuition and living expenses. Same with university -- although expect $45k to $50k. If you want to attend a public school... your parents need green cards and they need to move to that school district, or your parent need to die, end up in jail, be stripped of parental rights, etc. and you need relatives in the United States.

    I'm not sure why you want to pay $25k per eight months of tuition in the US rather than $5k in Canada, plus playing for health care, no scholarships or loans, no chance to live at home, in ability to work while attending school, etc., but hey... if you've got the money there are some great US colleges.

    Finally, even if you attend school in the US... you can't stay. If you want a green card, you need to get a valid job offer from a US company. With 9% unemployment and just out of high school or university... that is highly unlikely to happen.

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    Max of one year

    have you got the big bucks needed

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