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Does anyone know a good acronym to teach teens with Aspergers/HFA Social Skills Group Rules?

Hi, I'm going to be running an 8 week group on social skills for teens with Aspergers and HFA. Any suggestions on rules that I can review with them would be helpful. Especially if anyone knows of an acronym to make it simple.

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    I trust this is running in parallel with an 8 week course teaching those who are not autistic to understand and appreciate the Asperger's / HFA approach to thinking, values and social interaction.

    Bludgeon. Be Like Us: Difference Gives Excuse for Ostracism and Nastiness.

    Yes, I know there are *good* reasons to acquire a range of social skills,

    But I have seen teaching on this being delivered for the wrong reasons and perspectives, which hardly leads to great methodology.

    Personally (and I have had these conversations) I'd spend one full session finding out what people want, and why.

    Take eye contact: I can "do" eye contact to conform to social norms. Is it my preference? No, and it never will be. I do it as a courtesy to others, going outside my comfort zone so that they can stay within theirs.

    An occasional bit of reciprocity would be nice, but I don't hold my breath while waiting.

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    or you could just bludgeon people who are not getting it. i know that don't seem to get it

    Source(s): sorry its an aspergers pun thing
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