Is music a good outlet for heartbreak?

I'm only in 8th grade and I know I have my whole life ahead of me, but I feel like I should do something with all these conflicting emotions of love hate and depression. I play guitar and I'm okay at writing songs, but whenever I do, I always end up thinking of the song I wrote for my ex, which brings more pain. Is music the way to go? Should I buy some computer software and learn how to make dubstep? Ive always wanted to learn how. I just know I want to do something with my life, which is an improvement from the way I was before. But I also wanna get another girl and love her. Is music a good outlet for the feelings I have? And how do I write songs without thinking about my ex

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  • 8 years ago
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    Music always speaks to the soul so of course its a good outlet. Though i would suggest that you do need the right kind of music and by that i mean happy music. When i was going through the worst betrayal situation with the guy that i loved i used to listen to depressing music and i can tell you from experience that it just made things feel worse but whenever i would listen to music that is happy, it would make me feel a whole lot better.

    Like you i make music too (although i do it on fruity loops and then record it because thank God i can sing too) and most of the songs I've written talk about the situation i was in and in some ways that can be therapeutic. It'll take sometime though to get it all out of your system (I'm still working on mine)

    Get the music software and learn how to use it... This will be very helpful...i wish there were more guys like you who were generally looking for a good girl to love.. I wish you all the best=)

  • 8 years ago

    I always listen to music whenever I feel bad or sad and it always makes me sing when I’m happy. Music is a good outlet of releasing what you feel. It’s a good thing you can play guitar and write a song. I remember I tried once writing a lyrics but someone put the music on it. Now, I’m writing a poem and most of it are for the broken hearted. All of the pain I felt and whenever I am happy I put it on my poem. Continue on what you are doing, maybe you didn't’t forget your ex yet or you didn't’t let go yet of the fact that you and her are over. Don’t push yourself too much, it takes sometimes to forget someone.

    Think of the future you will have, if you meet someone, what feelings will you have for her. By that I think you can make a new song without thinking of your ex. Look forward and don’t look back.


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  • 8 years ago

    Music is one of the best outlets. However, take the blues, a music genre, its purpose is to get you out of the blues not into feeling blue. People who truly play the blues may sing of adversity but they are happy when they play it. So what you need to do is write and play music that lifts you up. Music is a celebration of life. We all get hurt and using music should be something that makes you feel better, not worse. My daughter went through a divorce and was depressed so she borrowed my old disco cd's and she found that it helped her. She was not into disco at all before that but used it as a mental medicine. The fact you have survived a heartbreak is a good thing. Find a way to express it so there is truth in it but so you can also move on. It is like writing in a journal except set to music. Express yourself. Instead of thinking of her think of the journey you are on and the feelings you feel. This is really just about you, not her.

  • 8 years ago

    let your emotions into your music thats when all the best art comes out of it and just the fact that u can play guitar and write songs shows you can do a lot so just keep it up music is everything...and dont let one person drag you down especially at this young age you might find your tru love now tomarrow a year from now or it could be awhile till you do but no matter what do wats best for you and for the people in your life but dont forget about you...this is your life you only got one make sooo spend it wise...

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    8 years ago

    Music is always amazing! It's a great way to let out emotions look at most pop stars they make millions for just airing emotions

  • 3 years ago

    whiskey lullaby - brad paisley evanescence - my immortal greensleeves <- it somewhat is a great piano music untitled - basic plan undergo in techniques each thing, far from homestead - 5 finger dying punch (greater not easy rock yet very emotional) basic guy - the shinedown version is outstanding whilst a heart breaks - ben rector

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