10.04 Trapezoids and Kites help please asp?

1. Parallelogram ACFD is split in two parts so that ABED and FEBC are congruent isosceles trapezoids. What are the measures of all the angles of trapezoid FEBC if angle D is 48°?

2,Two congruent "door-stop" trapezoids are placed edge-to-edge with measurements and markings as shown. Find the length of segment AC.

3. The diagonals of an isosceles trapezoid, segment BD and segment AC, are labeled 5x and 3x + 40. Find the length of the diagonals

4.A kite has diagonals of 18 inches and 21 inches as seen below. What is the perimeter of the kite?

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    "...with measurements and markings as shown. "

    Shown where? Please provide the link.

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    A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with 2 (and in hassle-free terms 2) components that are parallel. hassle-free popular trapezoids lack any strains of symmetry until it extremely is an isosceles trapezoid (meaning that the two components that are no longer parallel are congruent in length), which thus the line of symmetry would be immediately down the middle. A kite is a quadrilateral the place 2 pairs of adjacent components are congruent to a minimum of one yet another. It has one line of symmetry, in the time of the middle.

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