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I am extemely confused with my Steam download?

The Steam Community was included with my purchase of Portal 2, but I am completely confused by what I have read here. Nowhere that I can find does this community explain itself. What is going on here? Where is the page link that explains what this community is? I have a multitude of questions, and apparently other than the forum, there is no page that offers answers.

1. Are these games PC or Mac?

2. Can I pay with at debit or credit card?

3. Are these games manipulated with the keyboard and mouse, or a controller.

4. How are these games downloaded?

5. Can these games "re-downloaded" at my leisure, similar to Amazon?

6. Is software required to download games, and if so where is the link.

7. Are these games downloaded to my PC, or are they played over the internet?

8. If the games are downloadable are they functional without internet?

9. What is SteamPlay?

What is going here? This website makes no sense. This community appears interesting, but I am scared to use a website that offers so little information regarding the services it claims to offer.

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    1. Games labeled "SteamPlay" are Mac and PC, otherwise they're PC only. There are no Mac-only games on Steam.

    2. Credit card yes, Debit card maybe -- depends on the card.

    3. Depends on the game, some are keyboard/mouse, some are controller, some are either.

    4. They're downloaded through the Steam client for the PC or Mac at

    5. Yes, as many times as you want to as many PCs as you want. Some individual games have activation limits, but most don't.

    6. See #4

    7. They're downloaded and installed.

    8. Steam has an "offline" mode that can be turned on if you're not going to be connected to the internet, otherwise Steam needs to be logged in before you can play any game downloaded through Steam.

    9. See #1.

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