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I have a really bad stomach ach?

Ugh. I'm 13 and have a bad stomach ach right now. All of a sudden its been happening everynight coming out of no where the pasr 2 days. It starts feeling alot better but comes really badly after. I need some quick easy remedies to do to make it better! I hvent had my period yet culd it be tht? I did hav alit of candy tonight but idk. Just please give some easy home remedies! Thnx.

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    Mild will help with acid indigestion, sugar free ginger ale or club soda will help sometimes too if you've had a heavy meal. If it's monthly girl issues that pop some painkillers and get a hot water bottle. Banana's can help as well but for all I know you might just have a little gas from an unhealthy diet recently. Good luck!

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