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Algebra 2 help Solving Linear Programming Problems?

I need help figuring out the equations for this word problem.

) Woodland Bicycles make two models of off-road bicycles: the Explorer, which sells for $250,

and the Grand Expedition, which sells for $350. Both models use the same frame, but the painting

and assembly time required for the Explorer is 2 hours, while the time is 3 hours for the Grand

Expedition. There are 375 frames and 450 hours of labor available for production. How many of

each model should be produced to maximize revenue?

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    let x be the explorer and y be the expedition. so objective function is money, right?


    both use the same frame, so you have a limit of bikes that can be made

    x+y <or= 375

    you also have a time constraint 2 hours for x and 3 hours for y and 450 hours total so...

    2x+3y < or = 450

    i would graph 4 lines and find their intersections

    x >or = 0 y >or= to 0. 2x +3y<or= 450 and x+y<or=375

    this problem doesn"t have an intersection in the 1st quadrant. (0,150) and (225,0) and (0,0)

    the max would come from the highest value of these.......(0,150)= 52500 and (225,0) =56250

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