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I have a book report due tomorrow?

And I have a good 100 pages to read..I just remembered and I'm so stressed legit. What can I do? I have to go to bed in 2 hours.


P.S. Yeah I did just seriously have to use legit in there. It's my new favorite word.

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    Google the book.

    Wikipedia is ideal, it usually gives the main gist and go-through of the book.

    There's also bound to be study guides and plot analyses on the book, so those are good to look at.

    Might wanna start reading sooner, hope this helped.


    Source(s): Didn't finish a book quite on time for a book project either, Wikipedia and plot analyses as well as study guides helped me finish with understanding in no time.
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    I'd say:

    Get ready for bed now and begin read, and then when it's time for bed, read in bed.

    Finish the book.

    Wake up early and write the paper in the morning.

    P.S. Did you really have to stick "legit" in there? Really?

  • Mark
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    8 years ago

    Sucks for you. Just take the F, there is nothing you can do.

  • 8 years ago

    get off here n read! skim through the s.h.i.t!

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  • Shart
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    8 years ago

    sparknote it

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