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Is Zionist Hollywood trying to say that disasters are planned, but not by them, but from random cause & effect?

In movies such as "Knowing" and other movies of the same genre where disasters are foretold years prior to their occurrence, looks as if the Zionists, who own the media, such as news, magazines and movies and through them control the public mind, are trying to social mind control us to think that disasters like 911 are planned, but not by them, but just by the usual common chain of innumerable causes and events.

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    The Lone Gunman a Hollywood T.V show that Predicted 9/11 attacks to the details, with the passenger jet crashing into twin towers

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    they only forgot about WTC 7 hehe

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    3 minutes into watching the news on 9/11 I looked at my fellow landscapers and said "this is Al Quaeda and Osama bi Laden". They looked at me like I had 3 heads. I read mainstream newspapers and watched regular nightly news.The Cole was no surprise. Pakistan's duplicitous behavior is like the other shoe dropping, finally and Iran getting the bomb and probably getting bombed by Israel almost inevitable. Just paying attention doesn't make you a conspirator. Oh and I'm Episcopalian.

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    Wow your illiterate. I suppose you think the independent film festival is all jewish

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    You are a bigot.

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