Pinging mail server for email address, catch all work around?

I'm trying to send an email to a friend of mine at a different university. Unfortunately, I don't know her university email address. So I tried checking the mail server (with telnet) to see if her email address might be one of the few different formats the university uses, but when I check it with a completely bogus email, it still sends a bogus result, so I'm assuming that the mail server has a catch all set in place to just forward bogus emails to some other location. Is there a way I can test how the mail server is handling the requests and compare that to the bogus email? (if bogus email and test email are handled the same, both are bogus. If handled differently, then it would imply that the test email is valid)


@DR Tech, I feel silly for not thinking of that

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds like a bogus request.

    Calling the university for the student directory is out of the question?

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