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Cat Nutrition on a Budget?

My husband got laid off of his job last week so we are having to cut back on everything, including our cat's food (and ours, heh).

We were feeding her wellness and natural choice cans with the very occasional fancy feast appetizer for a treat. We also leave out Avoderm dry food for her all day long next to her water bowl although she only eats a couple bites of it a day as a snack. We feed only cat food with no seafood ingredients, so we choose the chicken/beef/turkey/etc. flavors and read the ingredients to be sure.

We have dry food to last for awhile so I'm only concerned about the canned food, and it's her main food anyway (she eats 1.5 cans a day). What we were feeding her wasn't too pricey with the salary he made but now it definitely is. We tried Newman's Own Organic, it's about 50 cents cheaper here, but she wouldn't touch it. After a trip to the supermarket, and about 30 minutes spent in the pet food aisle reading all the labels.. I can't find anything suitable. We still care very much for her health so can anyone recommend a brand of canned cat food that is nutritious but cheaper than wellness/natural choice? I've heard that some fancy feast cans were ok...

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    I like Felidae. It comes in big 13 ounce cans and is a little more economical that way. My next choices for cost are Chicken Soup for the Cat and Authority, which is only available at PetSmart. If you are stuck with grocery store foods, Fancy Feast and Meow Mix Market Selects are probably the best of the worst, so to speak. Market Selects are pretty fishy so I wouldn't recommend for daily use. Good luck!

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    I Fully understand the "budget issue" as I also have two cats ; my babies. I have one cat (female) Extremely finicky, and All that she will eat is Fancy Feast, and Only certain ones at that. With the dry food she will only touch Fancy Feast as well. On the other hand, my other little male kitten will eat Only shredded food made by 9-Lives. That is NOW, this was Not the case prior either. Now the female will eat the 9-Lives (unheard of in prosperous times!) however Only certain flavors as well. My point is that the less expensive brands pack a wallop when it comes to nutrition, just as the more expensive brands do. And the cats WILL adjust to other varieties and flavors when hungry enough. Sure, they might not like a certain flavor or brand, but that is all by trial and error. My little male will eat whatever the female will not eat, so my primary focus is on trying to Learn the flavors that She will tolerate and eventually learn to love. Trust me - I've been where you are only months earlier. Good Luck

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    Supermarkets carry the bottom tier foods, go to a pet supplies store instead.

    You can get a discount by buying a case, or switch her over to a decent dry food for a while. We budget $60 a month for our four cats, this includes dry for three of them and canned for the really older guy. If you want a comparison of proteins, carbs and fat, there's a site that lists these by brand for owners of diabetic cats, it's a good site.

    Canned food


    More canned food


    Dry cat food


    A 'good' food is one with low fat, low carb and high protein.

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  • manalo
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    my cats dont have that yet they're uncooked fed (tom cats satisfaction) cats and likewise consume some canned. evo innova is extremely on the brink of uncooked weight loss application in nutritional composition, annoying to discover on the petco/petsmarts yet smaller puppy shops carry it. technological information weight loss application is mass produced presently, doesnt have the customary administration of evo innova. my cats dont seem to love wellbeing, they continuously depart a lot of leftovers. have you ever viewed feeding uncooked, tom cats satisfaction will make it for you and deliver it on your place frozen. its costly, whether that's super nutrients, look at their internet site

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