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Longboard Pintail 40?

ok so help me please,i have a limited amount of money. which truck should i get the standard or the S10 for my pintail 40? also is the abec 3 bearings bad for the pintail 40?

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  • Will
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    8 years ago
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    While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I disagree with the previous answer. To each his own I guess. Anyway, I have an Original Pintail 40 with s8s and I love it. He is right about them being heavy and not having much customability, but I absolutely love the way they ride. While they are great for carving and cruising, they aren't good at all for speed. From my experience, the s8s with the (red springs) get pretty sketchy when you hit the mid 20's (mph) which is the fastest I've gone. These trucks also help in learning standup slides, because they let you carve into it easily. I wouldn't get the s10s though, they are veryyy wide. abec 3s arent great, try abec5 or 7. But bearings actually barely matter at all unless you are doing insanely fast competitive racing. So yeah get the pintail 40 with s8s (and red or white springs too) hope i helped!

  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago

    Neither. Original trucks suck. They are heavy, expensive, have a dead carve feel, the wave cams break often, are very wide, use springs, and do not provide the customization ability of swapping out different types of bushings.

    You are much better of getting trucks such as Randal 180s or Paris 180s.

    As for bearings any bearings are great as long as you clean and lube them when they start getting dirty inside and slowing down. You should be fine with the Abec3 bearings.

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